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Workflow – Approvals – Synch for Maritime Industry!

SQExpress – Maritime Documents Control Platform

SQExpress Maritime Electronic Forms, SHIP IP LTD have develop a platform that connects your fleet vessels with Shore Server that allow your company to “move” from paper forms to e-SMS forms .

Why you should use our Solution ?

  • Ship/Shore Workflow Process
  • Approval Process – Digitally Signed SMS-forms
  • Easy to Design & Set Up
  • Eliminate Paper

Once submitted, SMS-forms can implement an automated workflow based on an organization’s business rules. Forms submitted by vessels can be distributed to the appropriate individual in S&Q / Technical /Operations Department for review,  can be sent to a manager or DPA for approval and then on to distribution for delivery. Automated workflow is seamless, quick and ensures accountability.  

Digital signature technology allows users to sign an SMS-form without the need for distributed digital certificates or third party certificate authorities. Existing login ID/Passwords can be used for signing SMS-forms and built-in encryption tools allow for secure transmission of data. 

SMS-forms are easy to design, create and publish with no programming skills required. Features such as drag and drop, ensure sophisticated layouts with trouble-free design and implementation.  Existing sms forms in WORD and EXCEL format can be easily copied to embedded HTML editor or customized so screens can have a familiar user interface to speed adoption.

SQExpress is more than just an electronic version of a paper form. They promptly capture, verify, approve and integrate data with the critical business systems used to run organizations.  When information is automatically captured and distributed without a paper form to begin with, business processes are streamlined, efficiency is improved, costs are cut and your organization becomes a little greener.


Are you still using paper forms ? Our quotation will change your mind TODAY!

How It Works ? Check our videos below !

Export to PDF

Approval Process

Visual Alerts 

Forms Converter

Frequent Asked Questions ( FAQ):

  • What is SQExpress ?

SQExpress is a platform created by Maritime Professionals keeping in mind the various problems and work hours we spend on a daily basis with the submission / workflow / approval and filling of SMS forms.  Our project based on simplicity so that we could offer a solution that can be used by ALL users either they are computer genius or not that way we could feel confident that our industry will have a solution that SIMPLE works and is user-friendly!

Have you count the work hours from on board crew members ( Master , Chief Engineer etc. ) to shore users ( safety and quality administrator(s) , Managers , DPA etc. ) we spend in order we submit / approve / file and eventually find a form when that is requested by any authority or during audits ? Make the calculations and compare the cost with the solution we offer you …. YOU WILL MAKE YOUR ORDER SAME DAY !

Common Problems like outdated templates , not signed / approved copies , forget to submit etc. NOT ANYMORE – SQExpress will take care !

  • Do I need to print forms ?

No ! All forms / templates are electronically stored in our platform . You can view the history of any form via SQExpress platform and export to PDF format for electronic filling if required .

  • How secured is the platform ?

We ensure security and backing up your date on a regular basis. In case of an onboard installation break down we will provide with new setup file with all vessel’s data up to that time.

  • Do we need INTERNET on board ?

We will ask you to allow onboard firewall access to our SERVER ip and port so synch process can be completed on a regular basis . Size of data transferred are few kb per time. We suggest that you have an active INMARSAT or VSAT plan on board your vessel for proper use of our system.

  • Do you offer a vessel application as well ?

Yes ! It works offline on board your vessels .

  • Can I Convert any form I have in word and Excel ?

Yes ! with our html editor you can paste any WORD / EXCEL format forms.

  • How Synch between vessel / shore application works?

We ask you to allow access of onboard firewall to our server ip / port.

  • How we can create a vessel’s setup file?

We will guide you via a very simple process.

  • How many users can approve a form ?


  • Why it costs less than 300% of the usual prices quoted by competitors?

Platform is new and we have use latest technology to develop all parts . We have manage to keep operating and running expenses low in order we ensure that we can offer you a competitive price.


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