2 Killed After Boats Collide In Texas Waters

August 11, 2022 Maritime Safety News

Five people were successfully ejected and two lost their lives in an unforeseen boat collision in the Texas Gulf near Freeport on 6 August, per the US Coast Guard. The boat reportedly collided head-on, officials mentioned.

The fatal crash took place around 9:15 p.m. when an individual who was operating a 22-foot boat ended up colliding with a 24-foot vessel between Mile Markers 382 and 384 in the waters of Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Officials mentioned that the boater and three guests were going northbound when they rammed into the 24-foot vessel that was headed southbound.

Per the Coast Guard, three passengers were reportedly ejected from the 22-foot boat, as were the two individuals, a husband, and his wife, on the 24-foot vessel. Two passengers from the 22-foot boat could get to the other vessel and they climbed aboard.

When the crews reached, they discovered an unresponsive woman’s body from the 24-foot vessel. After the Coast Guard crew took aboard the body and continued the search, they located a third survivor who was successfully ejected from the 22-foot vessel. The person was conscious and suffered a minimal head injury.

boat collision

Sometime around midnight, the Gulf Coast Rescue Squad members were able to locate the other boater who was thrown from the pleasure craft, a non-responsive male. The Coast Guard crew took aboard the person’s body and brought the two deceased individuals and other survivors to Surfside Marina based in Freeport. Emergency medical services staff examined the survivors and extended care to the two men who suffered minor injuries, per the Coast Guard.

Although the case did not quite end the way they had desired, with all boaters unharmed and safe, they are thankful that the team’s hard work with agency and commercial partners helped assist the survivors quickly, Jeremy Borja the Chief Warrant Officer 3, command duty officer associated with Sector Houston-Galveston, mentioned. He added that they offer heartfelt sympathies to the family of the two boaters who were unable to make it and wish them healing in the wake of the tragedy.

Both the vessels are aground and anchored close to Mile Marker 382. Personnel of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are conducting a thorough of this incident.

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