CIRM Guideline to combat ECDIS operational issues

November 5, 2018 ECDIS

CIRM Guideline to combat ECDIS operational issues

International association of marine electronics companies, Comité International Radio-Maritime (CIRM) has published its Guideline on Performance Test Procedure for ECDIS to minimise operational issues of ECDIS systems.

According to CIRM, stakeholders have raised concerns about the condition on in-service ECDIS. Operational issues include inadequate power supply arrangements, the running of outdated software versions, disabled audio signal for alerts, and the incorrect functioning of interfaces to connected equipment, among others.

CIRM developed the Guideline in response to these concerns. The Guideline outlines a test procedure to be carried out on a ship’s ECDIS installation, to determine if the ECDIS meets the operational requirements defined by the IMO. It describes a range of manufacturer-recommended tests and checks, which correspond to IMO’s requirements for ECDIS as laid down in SOLAS regulations.

The Guideline was produced by CIRM’s ECDIS Working Group, with the input of ECDIS manufacturers, system integrators, and service providers.

Ultimately the purpose of the Guideline on Performance Test Procedure for ECDIS is to ensure that an in-service ECDIS is functioning properly, in the interests of safety of navigation.

CIRM’s secretary-general, Frances Baskerville said: “We are very pleased that CIRM members have come together to develop a practical solution to industry concerns about the operational condition of ECDIS. This new Guideline will provide stakeholders with effective measures to identify and address ECDIS operational issues. ECDIS is a key navigational tool and it is therefore essential that systems function as IMO intended.”




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