Coronavirus (COVID-19), restrictions at Ports / Countries

July 14, 2020 Maritime Safety News

Latest COVID-19 status regarding restrictions in Ports/Countries where Waypoint Port Services provide services.

– Latest Update: July 10th 05:30 pm (UTC +01:00)


General National regulation in force (DECNU-2020-274-APN-PTE) issued by the Argentine President:

  • Starting March 16th and for a period 15 days, Argentine borders are closed. Only nationals or residents can enter the country. This period can be modified at any time.
    • Individuals performing tasks involving foreign trade, transportation and aviation are excepted so long as they don’t present symptoms. That includes crew members of planes, ships, trains and/or trucks performing transportation of goods.
  • Airport with restrictions.
  • Spare Parts, Technical Repairs are still allowed.

National regulation in force specific to shipping (NO2020-17205422-APN-ESCO#PNA) issued by the Argentine Coast Guard following the President’s order above:

  • Sanitary Authorities will have the prerogative to administer the implementation of the exceptions to the general regulation.
  • Categories of vessels:
    • HIGH RISK: If proceeding from a Risk Area (listed below) or if crew temperature log is found abnormal, Sanitary Authorities will take all necessary precautions which could include quarantine of all crew and passengers.
    • LOW RISK: If vessel has over 14 days of navigation from last port or is proceeding from an area not listed as high risk and crew temperature log is normal, then operations will evolve NORMALLY AND WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS.
  • In effect, Authorization to take pilots is only given with Free Pratique, and Free Pratique is only granted once vessel is considered LOW RISK by Sanitary Authorities.

Additional information:

  • Sanitary Authorities upriver are trying to ensure operations run as smooth as possible for which they are showing a higher flexibility for vessels coming from Chile and Brazil. In Bahia Blanca and Necochea the regulation is being implemented in full force and the 14-day quarantine for ships proceeding from infested areas (including Brazil and Chile). A comment of ours, we have been told unofficially that Necochea and Bahia Blanca Sanitary Authorities will be instructed to follow the same rules as Upriver, therefore not imposing the 14-day time gap to ships proceeding from Brazil and Chile as longest their crew members are in good health.

Countries classified as risk areas: China, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, United States, Europe, Brazil and Chile.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • Crew Changes are allowed.
  • Off-signers: plane has to leave the country while the vessel is at the port. And crew has to fly in/out Belgium.
  • Spare parts/stores/supplies available.
  • CTM can be delivered.

For more information contact: / +31 10 313 0400



MANAUS: As per local immigration information, foreign crew change is permitted with following prerequisites:

  • Crew have to be transferred straight to destination, ex: Airport x vessel or Vessel x Airport. (no hotel accommodation).
  • Crew must carry valid VISA or SB.
  • SB should be signatory of ILO 185

ITACOATIARA: As per local immigration information, foreign crew change is permitted with following prerequisites:

  • Crew have to be transferred straight to destination, ex: Airport x vessel or Vessel x Airport. (no hotel accommodation).
  • Crew must carry valid VISA or SB.
  • SB should be signatory of ILO 185.

BELÉM (VILA DO CONDE / BELÉM / MIRAMAR / BARCARENA): Not allowed disembark unless some illness approved by Anvisa and no embark allowed yet.

SANTARÉM: Not allowed disembark unless some illness approved by Anvisa and no embark allowed yet.


SALVADOR / ARATU: (subject to changes)

Regarding the embarkation / disembarkation of foreign and Brazilian crew members, health port authority ratifies the recommendation of the 14-days quarantine, considering the low reliability of the rapid test for embarkation / disembarkation immediate.
But in contact by phone, Health Local Authority informed that it is not a prohibitive to embark immediately upon arrival. A letter of responsibility is require from owners, since if there is any proliferation of COVID-19 inside the vessel, then the vessel will have to be quarantined for 14 days and the shipowner will have full responsible for not having followed the recommendation, including also the delay in the operation.

In case Shipowner request immediate disembark the letter of responsibility must be provided.

“Also, authorities recommendation is for 14 quarantine days before disembarkation, and if they do not comply, the shipowner will have full responsibility in case of contagion and / or the need for hospitalization / treatment of any crew member.”

Any other additional supporting documents, may be requested by the local authorities at their discretion and time.



ON SIGNERS: Arriving at SLZ, 07 days isolation at the hotel then must do the COVID 19 test, if negative we will have the okay from Porth health Aut. After this procedure they can go onboard. Is possible to avoid the 07 days isolation, they must hold a letter from master of responsibility for boarding without local quarantine considering that the quick test was negative. Local test is mandatory.

OFF SIGNERS: After disembark they must do the COVID 19 test if negative we will get the Okay from Porth health Authority. After this procedure the off signer can directly go to the airport or wait the flight at the hotel.



ON SIGNERS: Due COVID 19 situation, for crew embark they must stay at the hotel during 14 days then proceed with the covid test. Upon negative result, Anvisa releases a term / certificate that authorizes the crew embark.

OFF SIGNERS: Not allowed disembarkation


ON SIGNERS: Due COVID 19 situation, for crew embark they must stay at the hotel during 14 days then proceed with the covid test. Upon negative result, Anvisa releases a term / certificate that authorizes the crew embark.

OFF SIGNERS: Only allowed in cases of heath events or repatriation. Crew should have confirmed flight + local COVID TEST to present to Porth health Authority.


ON SIGNERS: must arrive at RIG and do the COVID 19 (quickly test) upon negative result. Anvisa (health authority) releases a term that authorizes the crew to go onboard (only nationalities who are at ILO list are allowed). Joiners can not stay in hotel, must be embarked directly. So arrival flight must match with vessel’s ETB.

OFF SIGNERS: as it’s not possible to disembark and proceed with the COVID 19 test, a laboratory service to go on board must be hire and collect the sample for the test.
Upon negative result, Anvisa releases a term / certificate that authorizes the crew to disembark to return to his country, directly to airport, also can not stay in hotel.

*On / off signers not allowed to stay at the hotel.



– 14 days of isolation on Brazil lands (done in some Hotel);
– COVID-19 blood test (to be confirmed by Port Health);
– After this 14 days we need to present a medical report attesting the crew is in good health condition (so crew must be followed by a Doctor during this 14 days)
– Authorization from Port Health;
– Authorization from Immigration department.

– Flights duly granted;
– Authorization from Port Health;
– Authorization from Immigration department.

Remark 01: In case of any crewmember lost his flight, the agency have to make sure that re-embarkation on the same vessel to avoid any fine.The crewmember do not allowed to stay in any hotel accommodation.
Remark 02: Local authorities can request any time for new tests or requisitions in embarkation or disembarkation.


It is still remains quite undefined as the situation of plenty authorities being involved and so far nothing really confirmed  about which plan we must follow to get 100% certainty. Below instructions got so far (subject to several changes – high risk):

– Crew member must follow a quarantine (14 days) under medical examinations with daily report after arrival in Brazil at hotel issuing a medical final report with all information / confirmation that is free of COVID-19
– Prior to arriving we need to get an authorization/approval with Immigration and also the Health authorities (performing a test prior to embarking as well).
– An embarkation shall be performed directly to the vessel or in case necessary Hotels shall be performed quarantine locally as well until embarkation (with daily monitoring, blood tests and medical expenses).
– Hotels working with restrictions when in case necessary shall be checked availability.
– Subject to final green light from Brazilian health authorities

– Subject to authorities approval and must issue tickets (directly transportation as well)-
– 14 days of isolation on Brazil lands (to be confirmed by Port Health);
– COVID-19 blood test on Brazil lands (to be confirmed by Port Health);
– After this 14 days we need to present a medical report attesting the crew is in good health condition (so crew must be followed by a Doctor during this 14 days).
– Based on above we need follow plenty restrictions and also still subject to authorities approval (final green light) which in case no compliance any company can face fines.


– Information required: all documents (PP and SKB) from on/off signers, employment contract for on signers, and Flights in advance, to send to all authorities;
– Master should send a letter informing that off signers are symptoms free.
– All crew (on and off) must visit the doctor to receive a declaration informing that they’re Covid-19 free;
– Crew can stay at the hotel, before embark / after disembark, there’s no problem;
– It is highly recommend to send on signers at least 1 day before berthing, so we have enough time to send them to the doctor, etc;
– It’s not compulsory to make Covid-19 test. Immigration and Health Authority requests only medical declaration issued locally;



  1. OK-TO-BOARD letter issued by the Agents
  2. Valid passport and seaman’s book.
  3. COVID-19 test with negative results from home country.
  4. Doctor’s report as well as a Company’s letter form stating that the joining crew member fulfilled with the 14 days quarantine before embarking in the flight bound to Brazil and no traces for COVID-19 was noted.
  5. E-Ticket copy.
  6. Fit to Travel Medical Certificate.
  7. Temperature Log for the last 14 days.(*) A rapid blood test for covid-19 upon arrival in Vitoria would also be necessary before embarkation on board the vessel


There is an official request for disembarkation that should be made 3 business days in advance to vessel arrival at the anchorage, containing the following documentation:

  1. Maritime Health Declaration  (form shall be sent upon request).
  2. DECLARATION of Master stating that the crew is free from symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. Medicine log book last 15 days before arriving in port and after in case vessel stay at anchor.
  4. Crew List with date & place of embarkation.
  5. Passports + Seaman’s Books – Copy.
  6. Copy of temperature Log for the last 14 days.
  7. E-ticket copy.
    (*) A rapid blood test for covid-19 or a Doctor’s consultation Report may be required by the flight Co. to be presented for the crew embarkation at the moment of the check-in.

Any other additional supporting documents ,may be requested by the local authorities at their discretion and time.

For more information contact: / +55 41 99604-8325



Transport Canada has issued a new Ship Safety Bulletin attached highlighting the essential nature of marine transportation services and clarifying the documentation requirements for seafarers who are travelling to Canada to join a ship’s crew.  More specifically, there are no travel restrictions on such individuals provided they are in possession of a seafarer’s identity document supplemented by a passport; or other seafarer documentation, including proof of employment on a vessel at a Canadian port, and a visa if required.
TC has sent this guidance to airlines, with a view to alleviating further confusion at international airports due to the imposition of inappropriate travel restrictions on seafarers travelling to join crews in Canada.  For our part, we have also shared this guidance with CBSA in order to ensure their officers have a full understanding of marine mode requirements.
Additional guidance on the ability of non-crew individuals such as technicians, surveyors, etc. to travel in order to do work on board ships is expected to be issued by Transport Canada within the coming days.

Shipping Federation of Canda have developed a communique on the heath and well-being of seafarers, which is designed to address public misperceptions about the role of seafarers as vectors of COVID-19 transmission, with a view to discouraging the imposition of measures that significantly limit the ability of healthy seafarers to access shore leave.  The communique also highlights the essential role that seafarers play in delivering indispensable goods and supplies that will be crucial in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the consequent need to ensure their ongoing ability to perform these key activities.  We will be distributing this message to the Association of Canadian Port Authorities and other service providers over the coming days

Marine Crew Deemed Essential

  • Transport Canada has now published a ship safety bulletin confirming that there is no restriction on shore leave and crew change for healthy crew members and requesting all ports, terminals and marine facilities in Canada to continue granting shore leave to seafarers. Full documentation:
  • Transport Canada has also advised that this information has now been fully communicated to CBSA – which has set up its on COVID-19 working group to support the efficient flow of information to CBSA regions.
  • 14-Day Quarantine Period:  TC confirmed that at this time, the department will not be implementing a 14-day quarantine period for vessels arriving in Canada. This decision is based on Canada’s assessment of risks (as informed by the Public Health Agency) and the need to support the fluidity of maritime transportation (carriage of vital goods to and from the country).
  • Reporting Requirement for Sick Crew Members: TC stressed the requirement for the vessel/master to report any sick crew member via the PAIR report AND to also report anytime a crew member’s health situation changes after submission of the PAIR report – including when the ships is at anchor and at berth.
  • Seafarer Certificates: TC has put into place measures to automatically extend the validity of Canadian seafarers’ certificates for a 6 month period.
  • Cruise Vessels: TC restated that the ban on cruise vessels – which is in effect at least until July 1 – applies to vessels carrying 500 people or more.  TC continues to investigate whether additional measures are needed with respect to smaller cruise vessels (less than 500 people) calling Canada during this same period (i.e. from the beginning of the cruise season to July 1).
  • Other: TC stressed that Canada is not closing its doors to international trade and that Canadian ports remain open for business. The movement of goods is considered an essential service, and as such, there are exemptions in place for workers who are involved in this activity.  TC also acknowledged the efforts of international ship owners in implementing measures to ensure the safety of ship crews and citizens.
  • Spare Parts delivery are allowed.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


Crew change (On-Signers/Off-Signers) are now allowed but must be evaluated case by case by local authorities in order to grant greenlight. In order to obtain this waiver On/Off-Signers must comply with:

  • Crewmember (offsigner) must have at least 14 days of navigation from the last port (or quarantine as per local authorities) in order to disembark. After flight itinerary confirmation,  processing for affidavit -COVID19 & health department’s approval, for each required case.
  • If it is plan to disembark crew with less than 14 days of quarantine, they must stay on board until 14 days are reached, subject to local Health department’s evaluation, processing for affidavit -COVID19 and approved flight itinerary, each case at the time as well.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • Only Chinese Nationality Crew Change is available
  • Foreigner crew change are prohibited at any port , even for on board crew medical visit when berthing period – also need approval firstly.
  • CTM delivery and Spare Parts custom clearance/delivery is allowed.

For more information contact: / +86 138 1755-9780


  • Colombian Government has declared compulsory isolation in the country from next Tuesday march 24th at 23:59 hrs, until Monday, April 13th .
  • Transport and logistics sectors, as well as, the imports of goods and all related to the production of food will remain active.
  • Port operation for cargo carriers, remains in normal conditions just with some recommendations and a prohibition of crew changes and shore passes to crew until further notice.
  • Harbor Master and Port Sanitary requires the following pre-arrival information/documents:
    • Maritime Health Declaration
    • Copy of Medical book register
    • Name of the crew member
    • Last city where the crew member was before embarking on the last 20 days.
    • Passport number.
  • Port Sanitary requires update of the health of every crew member 96, 24, 12 and 6 hours before vessel´s arrival. In case that a crew member presents symptoms of the virus, the vessel will go to a designated anchorage area for quarantine for 14 days and a doctor will be assigned to follow up crew health and conditions.
  • Crew Members are not allowed to go ashore unless they are going to check vessel drafts. If this is the case, they must wear in addition to their PPE the mask.
  • Crew Changes are not allowed at any Colombian Port.
  • It is also stated in the article 5 of the decree the “Suspension of domestic transportation by air”, it will only be allowed in the following cases: humanitarian emergency, transportation of cargo and merchandise, fortuitous case or force majeure. It is important to remark, that couriers are being affected by this measure, so consequently documents arrival to ports can be delayed.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • The island of Curaçao intends to reopen without the need for quarantine on arrival on 1 July, , initially to visitors from the BES Islands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba), The Netherlands and ‘some other countries from Western Europe.
  • The total number of tourists on the island at any given time will be limited to 10,000.
  • All visitors will be required to show proof of a coronavirus PCR test conducted at the passenger’s expense at least 2-3 days prior to travelling.
  • They will also be required to complete a health and travel history declaration form.
  • Facemasks and social distancing are to be required in public and mass events will not be conducted.

Additional info: Its necessary to apply for a special fly inn and fly out permit for signing on and off crew. This will take approx. 7 working days.
At the moment there is only one (1) weekly flight to and from Curacao. This is with KLM form Amsterdam. They fly every Tuesday AMS-Cur and every Wednesday CUR-AMS. There is a mandatory use of special transport regulations for incoming and outgoing crew to and from the ship/airport/ hotel/ immigration office. We need to use a mandatory hotel appointed by the government for quarantine to await the arrival of the ship or departure flight.


The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that with effect as from 20th June, 2020 all passenger who intent to travel to Cyprus are obliged, for disembarkation purposes, to carry the CyprusFlight Pass. For its acquisition passengers should in advance fill in electronically the documents needed which could be found in the electronic platform:

More Important Information:

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • Crew Changes are not allowed.
  • CTMs are not allowed.
  • Technical Repairs and Spare Parts are not recommended.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


As from 1/7 Egyptian airports are open for international flights and crew changes are allow in all ports. Procedures for embarkation and disembarkation:

– Copies of their passports
– Copies of their seaman books
– Flights for on signers – we shall provide ok2b
– Flights for off signers and confirmed e-tickets

also to be provided by master
– Crew list signed stamped
– Maritime declaration of health
– List of port calls
– Vaccination list

Visa will be arranged on arrival however for some nationalities visa stands only for 48 hrs.
Due to not limited availability of flights, we will request from immigration for extension of their visa

Declaration form / no corona test
Declaration Form will be handed to crew before departure from the Airport to be submitted to quarantine dept on arrival Egypt. Local authorities / quarantine dept has the right to monitor their temperature at any point of the procedure. No corona virus test is required for the on signers and off signers crew.

Guidance for flights and possible delays:
On signers: to arrive Egypt well prior to the airport in order in order the formalities to be completed successfully and on time .
Off signers: the need to be at least 6 hours prior their flight to the airport in order the formalities to be completed successfully and on time .

Quarantine Doctor:
Quarantine doctor will attend vessel in advance before the embarking or the disembarking of any person. we shall arrange same and coordinate with master accordingly.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • Although Gibraltar declared a lock down, the maritime industry remains operational as normal.
  • Bunkering and all husbandry matters are being carried out as normal with the slight difficulty of crew movements because of airlines grounding their fleets.
  • Gibraltar airport still operates with daily flight to London via British Airways therefore crew movements are still allowed providing you can find adequate flights.


  • OPL will now be allowed for embarking crew. Vessel must be at anchor.
  • Only designated hotels to be used where hotel stay is required
  • Agent to arrange special transport provisions – transportation from Airport/Hotel to Port needs to be carried out in the ‘Dirty Vehicle’.
  • Agents launch crew to avoid close contact with embarking crew.


  • OPL will now be allowed for disembarking crew. Vessel must be at anchor.
  • Disembarking crew to confirm free of any symptoms for past 14 days – vessel’s master to provide official declaration.
  • Agent to arrange special transport provisions – transportation from Port to Airport/Hotel needs to be carried out in the ‘Dirty Vehicle’.
  • Agents launch crew to avoid close contact with disembarking crew.
  • Hotel stays are allowed for a maximum of 10 days.

Important – Crew cannot depart to any flight in Spain due to Spanish border Covid 19 restrictions (they can only go into Spain if they have residency there).

All arriving / departing crew must follow protocol and cannot leave hotel / airport at any time and undergo social distancing and adhere to locally precautionary measures.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


Only in Athens and Thessaloniki International Airports international flights are allowed to land.  However the following restrictions apply until July 15th:

  • All flights from / to Turkey are postponed as well as any sea, rail, road connections.
  • All flights from / to UK are postponed until 15th July.
  • All flights from / to Albania North Macedonia are postponed (Athens International Airport is exempted) as well as any sea, rail, road connections.
  • Temporary refusal of entry in the country for NON EU nationals (exempted from this measures are the citizens of the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, China, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay)
    For the rest NON EU nationals, they can request for an approval for travelling to Greece directly from the Greek Consulate of their country (and subject to Consulate’s reply they will proceed accordingly).

For all other nationalities, as well as for seamen, please do not forget to fill in the online form PLF (Passenger Locator Form) latest 48 hrs prior to the departure from their home country in order to avoid any penalties from Authorities in Greece.
The link with further instructions and where they will submit all the details is
Apart from the above, they will have to have a copy of the form and present it to the Sanitary Officers and unless otherwise instructed, sample checks for Covid-19 will be conducted and the passengers will stay in quarantine until the results are out.
In case that a case is found positive, then the person will be quarantined for 14 days and further instructions will be provided by Authorities / National Public Health Organization.  Please note that this procedure will apply until 31st August.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • Crew Changes are not allowed.
  • Spare Parts & CTMs can still be perform.
  • Technical Repairs are allow by local technicians.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • Both on signers and off signers may possess valid Seaman book and Passport and e ticket, in good health condition, then not request for 14 days compulsory Quarantine but only Medical Surveillance,

(*) For good vessels without cargo operation which intended to apply to enter Hong Kong water for crew change, they should comply with the following conditions:

  1. Out-going crew members who have completed their service on board would be required to stay onboard the vessel during their stay in Hong Kong and travel directly to the airport for repatriation to their home countries so as to minimise contact with the local community.
  2. In-coming crew members should only arrive Hong Kong whilst awaiting to board, the shipping companies/agents should arrange them in an accommodation for self isolation until getting onboard.
  3. Point-to-point transfers should be arranged by the shipping companies/agents for crew members to and from vessel
  • Crew Change is allow for vessels which will perform cargo operations & non-cargo operations at Hong Kong. But they need to fulfill the above requirement.
  • Off signers can only stay in HKG within 2 days after disembark
  • No transit Service available in HK International Airport – but only allow for the internal transit.
  • Hotel available for both on and off signers, also available for them if request for 14 days Quarantine.
  • Spare parts, Stores, Supplies, CTMs are allowed.
  • Bunkering is also available.

Full Government Press Release:
– March 18th: Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation
– March 31st: Update Summary Table from Department of Health

For more information contact: / +852 9728 3001


  • The Government of India has extended the lock down till 31-05-2020 but allowed to work the essential services which include Shipping and Logistics.
  • The Government is not yet allowed any domestic / international flight services in India and the train services are limited to major cities but not in regular basis.
  • Full details on Sign-On & Sign-Off requirements can be check here.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130




  • As of now, Indonesia government does not issue any join visa such as Pre-Arrival Visa Approval (PAVA), Visa On Arrival (VOA) until further notice.
  • Unless you are managed to apply Visa B211A at Indonesia embassy in crew home country.
  • On Signer must provide certificate of health (English Version) and statement letter willing to be quarantined (if required).
  • On Signer must undergo PCR / Swab test in Indonesia before on-board the vessel.

* following important notes before apply the visa B211A

  • Any Crew / Passenger (applicable to all nationality) had travel to China, Iran, Northern Italy or Republic of Korea in Last 14 days is not allowed to enter Indonesia.
  • Any Crew / Passenger who is holding PRC (China) Passport is not allowed to enter Indonesia


  • On Signer must undergo PCR / Swab test before on-board the vessel
  • On Signer must provide Health certificate and statement letter willing to be quarantined (if required).



  • Off Signer NOT allowed from Vessel called any Ports in China, Iran, northern Italy or the Republic of Korea in the last 14days.
  • Off Signer must hold e-ticket at least (working) day before disembarkation as required to arrange exit permit formalities (EPO). Otherwise, immigration will not process the formalities.
  • Off Signer must undergo PCR / Swab test once disembark from vessel at nearest Medical centre / Hospital.


  • Off Signer must undergo PCR / Swab test once disembark from vessel at nearest Medical centre / Hospital.

Additional Measures of The Indonesian Government in Relation to Covid-19 Response: click here.

For more information contact: / +62 8 1865 3310


  • All vessels arriving Japan ports will be required to submit a health questionnaire. This report should be accomplished by the vessel captain and submitted to the relevant quarantine officer before arriving at any Japanese port.
  • Notice from Immigration Services Agency of Japan, foreigners who cannot enter Japan has been expanded. It will be as follows (effective from 00:00 19th Mar):
    • China – Hubei, Zhejiang
    • Korea – Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongsang City North Gyeongsang Province, Andong City, Yeongcheon City, Cheongdo County, Chilgok County, Uiseong County, Seongju County, Gunw County.
    • Iran – Qom, Tehran, Gilan Provinces, Mazandaran Province, Isfahan Province, Alborz Province, Markazi Province, Qazvin Province, Semnan Province, Golestan Province, Lorestan Province.
    • Italy – Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Piedmont Republic of San Marino – All region
    • Switzerland – Ticino, Basel-Stadt
    • Spain – Navarre, Basque, Madrid, La Rioja Iceland – All regions
  • People arriving in Japan from below countries from midnight on March 21, 2020, returning residents in Japan will be required to use private cars, not to use public transportation to go home in addition to China and republic of Korea:
    • (They need to take our taxi for moving to anywhere.) Iceland, Ireland, Andorra, Italy, Iran, UK, Egypt, Estonia, Austria, Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Vatican, Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Monaco, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Romania.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


Effective 20th March 2020, there is a not to land Order on all crew members on the ships calling Malaysian seaports. In cases of serious illnesses requiring hospital admission, the Agent can request the Port Health and / or Immigration for relevant approval to disembark. The approval is being given on a case by case basis by the Government Officials. In order to request this approval, the Agent will need to make a formal request with below documents at a minimum,

  • Letter of requisition duly stamped and signed by master to immigration for emergency purpose for crew medical.
  • IMO Crew list
  • Voyage memo (last 10 port calls)
  • Crew Passport / Seaman book (originals and copy)
  • A Hospital Admission Letter will also be collected from the Hospital and submitted to Officials subsequently by the Agent.
  • Foreign seafarers are NOT ALLOWED to sign-off or go ashore in any Malaysia ports and water.
  • All seafarers are NOT ALLOWED to sign-on, in any Malaysia ports and water.
  • Only Malaysian seafarers, who have not developed COVID-19 symptoms, from Malaysia flagged vessels are ALLOWED to sign-off and disembark at the DESIGNATED PORT (International Port of Kuala Linggi, Melaka). Online sign-off must be done at the nearest Port Office.
  • Seafarers must carry out thorough pre-screening test by the Port Health Inspector at ship/port area, and subject to any instructions provided by the Port Health Officer.

Foreing Seafarers:

  • Who are currently serving on board of Malaysia flagged vessels, and not having any explicit COVID-19 symptoms, not a COVID-19 suspect, have not gone ashore at China, Italy, South Korea, Iran or Japan within 14 days, are ALLOWED to continue their normal service on board Malaysia flagged vessel
  • PROHIBITED to change vessel in any Malaysia ports and water:
  • Those who already possessed COVID-19 explicit symptoms, a COVID-19 Suspect, or have been going ashore at China, Italy, South Korea, Iran or Japan within 14 days. MUST UNDERGO proper health screening and isolation on board as mentioned in ANNEX 1, MSN 05/2020.

Seafarers of Malaysian nationality:

  • Who are serving on board Malaysia flagged vessels but not having any COVID-19 symptoms, not a COVID-19 suspect, have not gone ashore at China, Italy, South Korea, Iran or Japan within 14 days can continue their services on-board.
  • Who are having explicit COVID-19 symptoms, or determined as COVID-19 suspects, or have been going ashore at China, Italy, South Korea, Iran, or Japan within 14 days, MUST UNDERGO further health screening and isolation ONLY at the Designated PORT (International Port of Kuala Linggi, Melaka) and their contract at SEA shall be terminated.

Full documentation from the Ports: Johor Port – Northport

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • All vessels must be cleared by Port Health prior to port entry.
  • There is a travel ban on persons to and from: (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Iran, South Korea):
    • Cruise liners arriving / departing from / to above countries are NOT Permitted.
    • Cruise ships arriving from country other than those listed above are Permitted subject they are cleared by Port Health prior to entry being granted.
    • Any requests involving passengers from a county of the above list NOT Permitted.
    • Any request involving passengers coming from other than countries are permitted and are subject to Port Health clearance.
    • Requests from local work boats WTW / OTW are subject to Port Health clearance.
    • Conveyances involving crew changes WTW and OTW are NOT Permitted.  Crew changes are only permitted whilst vessels are in port subject that applicable procedures are in place including Port Health clearance.
    • Conveyance vessels requesting to proceed to OTW are to process a normal arrival and departure notification and are also subject to port formalities including Port Health clearance.
  • Bunkering is available.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • Only cargo vessels (containers, tankers, bulk) are authorized to proceed alongside inner Ports of Martinique & Guadeloupe subject to the approval of the Port Authorities after checking the status of the Maritime Health declaration which must be transmitted to the agent on daily basis. Also, the crew list must contain the date and place of embarkation for all crew members.
  • A strict 15-day lock-down decided by the French government requiring people in French islands to remain at home came into effect since 17th/03 at noon.
  • All vessels alongside must take all necessary actions to protect the crew members and avoid contact with the Terminal staff.
  • During this time it cannot be guarantee the feasibility of usual services (crew change, transportation, CTM, spare parts delivery, etc….) because of the 15-day lock-down decided by the French government.
  • Pilotage: no movement (anchorage, berthing/unberthing) is possible between 00.01 LT and 04.00 LT – possible delay due to minimum service staff for the port traffic.
  • While alongside, the crew members must remain on board or are only authorized to remain closed to the ship for ops reasons.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • Crew Changes are allowed (Altamira, Veracruz, Tampico, Guaymas and Salina Cruz Ports).
    • Approval from mexican goverment.
    • Onsigners needs to remain 7 days after arrival with temperature monitor (2 times per day).
    • COVID-19 Test.
  • Spare Parts / Stores / Supplies are also allowed.

– Information from the MX Health Authority on Crew Changes.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • Moroccan ports are all open for business but restricted to cargo operations only.
  • The country is on a full lockdown and crew changes or supplies are not allowed.
  • Tangier Med anchorage is open for bunkering activities but launch services are not allowed

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


22-June > Latest news

  • Supreme Commity has stopped the entry of Non-Omanis to the Sultanate of Oman through all land and sea border posts and via air except GCC citizens, as from March 17th.
  • All ships and their agents are obliged to submit the IMO Declaration of Health to the Harbour Master, along with a completed ‘Corona virus questionnaire’.
  • Both documents should be signed and stamped by the Vessel Master. Both documents need to be uploaded in the Port management system by the ship’s agent for approval of the vessel call by the Harbour Master.
  • Technicians/Surveyors can board vessel if they have a valid Oman ID, subject to the approval of the port authorities and terminal  Immigration has suspended issuance of Express Visa for Technicians/Surveyors visiting Oman from international destinations
  • Provisions can be delivered subject to approval from local customs authorities.
  • Cash cannot be paid to Master.
  • Underwater Diving is allowed, subject to the approval from port authorities.
  • Hull inspections are allowed, however repair work are not allowed (Sohar).
  • Hull inspections and repair work are both not allowed (Duqm)

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • Commercial flights are banned until July 23th.
  • Incoming humanitarian flights are restricted to Panama nationals.
  • There are NO ANNOUNCED SCHEDULE for charter/humanitarian flights for crew.
  • All crew to depart on humanitarian/charter flights need a safe conduct from the crew nationality embassy/consulate to guarantee crew is able to transit/enter his country.
  • Currently only allowing disembarkation on medical grounds (not related to covid10) and medical follow up is to be conducted.  Can remain at hotel until a flight is available.

For more information contact: / +507 264-6532


  • Crew Changes are not allowed.
  • Airport with restrictions.
  • Spare Parts, Technical Repairs are still allowed.

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


  • Disembarks only allowed in force majeure situations requiring a valid reason for the disembark.
  • Embarks only with origin in airports outside the risk area and on arrival if any suspicious the crewmember will not be allowed to embark and may stay in quarantine.
  • Crew Change Procedure:
    • Declaration stating the crew member is Covid 19 negative.
    • Crew member’s passport and seaman’s book copies.
    • Flight itinerary.
    • Ship’s maritime declaration of health+copy of SSEC is compulsory and included on ship’s isps pre/arrivals as usually.
    • On/signers seafarers must hold  valid Shegen visa , no chance to obtain upon arrival.
    • Off/signers is possible to get transit visa when they are travelling to them origin countries.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


Crew Change


> Flight schedules for June/July 2020 in Singapore <

Provided my the Ministry of Transport (MOT)

Maritime Port Authority of Singapore
– MPA Industry Updates on Singapore Crew Change Working Group / June 18th.
– MPA Port Maritime Circular N°27 / June 18th 2020.
– MPA Port Maritime Circular N°26 / May 22nd 2020.


The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) recognises the critical role that seafarers play in global seaborne trade, as well as the importance of crew change to safeguard the health and safety of seafarers sailing on board ships. Following the tightening of entry of short-term visitors to Singapore, MPA continued to facilitate crew change under the following special circumstances:

  • the crew has served his/her maximum time on board (and no further extension of the employment contract is granted by the flag State).
  • compassionate grounds (e.g. death of family member).
  • the crew is no longer medically fit to work on board the ship.

In addition to the special circumstances mentioned above the following circumstances will also be considered in allowing crew change for cargo ships in Singapore:

  • crew whose employment contract has expired.
  • additional crew on board whose sign-off would not affect the safe manning of the ship.
  • change of crew due to the sale or purchase of ship.
  • personnel who are not part of the ship’s crew such as superintendents and service engineers.

The requirements for crew change are revised as follow:


  • Confirmation that the crew has not gone ashore in the last fourteen (14) days before leaving the ship, and remained well throughout that period.
  • Fit-to-travel medical certificate issued by a doctor in Singapore.
  • Proof of expiry of employment contract or unfit-for-work medical report, where applicable.
  • Relevant documentation supporting required crew change (e.g. sale/purchase agreement of ship).


  • Confirmation that the crew has been in quarantine for at least 14 days prior to departing his/her home country and has been well throughout that period.
  • COVID-19 test (polymerase chain reaction (PCR) type) with negative result at his/her home country not more than 48 hours prior to his/her departure flight.
  • Fit-to-travel medical certificate issued by a doctor at his/her home country not more than 24 hours prior to his/her departure flight.

Transfer Arrangements

  • The crew must be transferred directly between the ship and point of arrival/departure in Singapore.
  • The ship will not be allowed to depart Singapore until the sign-off crew has departed Singapore and/or the sign-on crew has boarded the ship.

Ship owners/managers/agents should apply for crew change in Singapore by writing to and at least 14 days in advance of the planned crew change.

Air Travel

  • Returning Singapore residents (i.e. Singapore citizens, permanent residents) will be issued with a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon entry into Singapore.
  • Travellers with travel history within the last 14 days to Hubei province of Mainland China will be issued Quarantine Order (QO).
  • From 27 March 2020, 0900 hours, all travellers must submit a health declaration via the SG Arrival Card e-Service before proceeding with immigration clearance[1]

For visitors seeking entry into Singapore

  • All short-term visitors will not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore.
  • Visitors who need to visit Singapore due to extenuating reasons may submit the completed Form 14 (Part V is optional). to, together with the following documents:

For long-term pass holders seeking entry into Singapore

  • From 29 March 2020, 2359 hours, all foreigners holding ICA-issued long-term passes (i.e. Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) or Student’s Pass (STP), or In-Principle Approval (IPA) letters for LTVP/STP, who plan to enter Singapore from any country must obtain permission from the relevant agency before they commence their journey.

For more information please visit :

(*) SourceMinistry of Health / Immigration & Checkpoint Authority / MPA Singapore

For more information contact: / +65 9645 6819


  • South African Government has imposed the following measures:
    • Travel ban on foreign nationals from high-risk countries such as Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and China with effect from March 18th.
    • Travelers from medium-risk countries, such as Portugal, Hong Kong and Singapore, will be required to undergo high intensity screening, including self-quarantine for a minimum period of 14 days.
  • In direct relation to the above and to Crew Changes, as from March 18th:
    • All sea cruises undertaken by cruise liner vessels into and out of any seaport within South Africa must be terminated until further notice.
    • The sign-on of crew from high-risk and medium-risk countries for commercial vessels will not be permitted.
    • The sign-off of crew from vessel arriving from high-risk and medium-risk countries into any seaport in South Africa within the incubation period of covid-19 will not be permitted.
    • Applications for Off Port Limits for services to be rendered on board vessels will be thoroughly assessed before permission is granted.
    • Applications for Off Port Limits for crew changes will not be permitted.
    • The above will not apply to MEDAVACS for medical emergencies, provided that all the necessary port and clinical protocols are adhered to.
    • No vessel arriving from an international port must be brought into any seaport in South Africa, unless such has been communicated with Port Health.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


Seamen/on signers can leave from the facility of quarantine 4 days after completion of COVID 19 test, if there is no any symptoms for COVID 19. (COVID 19 test take approx.3 days.)

In this case, on signers can transfer only via agent car from the facility to the vessel on the same day when vessel arrived at the port. Thus, on signers cannot take a domestic flight as they can take an agent car only.

Require Documents:

a) Employment contract signed & stamped by owner
b) Date of embarkation for on signers
c) Ship’s departure crew list signed & stamped by Master
d) Consent letter signed & stamped by Master
e) Copy of passport & semen’s book for on signers
f) Flight details & e-tickets

Compliance details:

  1. Self-diagnosis application must be installed in mobile phone
  • After done quarantine inspection without any problems and symptoms, quarantine officer will issue a permit for crews and passengers but if crew & passenger have any symptoms including fever, and headache cough when doing quarantine inspection, no one cannot go ashore.
  • In case of seamen’s book holder/crew, we are able to arrange crew shore passes from immigration office by submitting original passport/ship’s arrival crew list/permit received from quarantine office and then crews are able to go ashore.
  • In case of ship’s entry formalities by customs office, we are not sure because customs office usually come on board vessel randomly and if possible, we will let you know after ship’s arrival.
  • If there would be any joining crew or passengers, they must stay for 14 days at designated place assigned by quarantine office as self-isolation after done quarantine inspection at the airport.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


Requirements in order to perform a Crew Change at Spanish Ports:

  • Vessel’s MDH.
  • Crew documents (Passport and seamans book).
  • Vessel disembarking crew cannot depart from the Port until crew have boarded the aircraft.
  • In case flight cancellation, crew should return to vessel. Master should confirm acceptance of this in writing.
  • Crew cannot embark / disembark until they have confirmed flights. (Eticket)
  • Confirmation that there are no flight prohibition in country of destination (Philipines/India/..etc) and the countries of transit is required. Also confirmation that there are no prohibitions on persons arriving to Spain.
  • Inmigration Authorities must also approve the disembarkation. They require 1 working day notice for approval.
  • Please note crew change is permitted at Spanish ports (on the above conditions) but as only limited hotels are opened, we recommend the arrival / departure flights must be very adjusted, direct embarkation and disembarkation preferable.

Please note the following regarding visa applications

  1. Full confirmed flights details with PTA ticket number / Amadeus reference along with copies of valid passports, seaman books and visas are required in order to proceed visa application formalities.
  2. All non-EU on-signers must travel with valid Schengen visas issued by the Spanish Embassy of their country of origin. It is the responsibility of each on-signer’s representative to liaise directly with the embassy in question to apply for travelling visa, as agents we can only provide Letter of Invitations (LOI) if required. We will not be held liable for any individuals travelling without valid documentation.
  3. All non-EU off signers will require a valid Schengen visa for transit. As agents we can arrange all the necessary immigration formalities.

Note 1: Off signers requiring Schengen visa arrangements will not be able to travel on the same date of vessel’s arrival.

Note 2:  Visa application forms must be presented at immigration police 72 hrs prior to time of departure flight. During this time an appointment will be arranged for off-signer(s) must attend in person in order to arrange formalities.

Note 3: Failure to make aforementioned appointment will result in cancellation of visa and process must be restarted with a new application (see Note 1).

Note 4: Working hours for Visa application register are Mon-Fri between 09:00-14:00.

Note 5: Once Visa application has been issued to immigration office, any change in flight details or itinerary will invalidate process and whole process must be restarted with a new application (see Note 1).

Note 6: Off signer cannot remain at Schengen Area Airports longer than 4 hours

Due to COVID 19 crisis taxi can transport per person per trip.

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


Due to a disembarked Sri Lankan Sea marshal who was released for at home isolation after undergoing the mandated quarantine period at Isolation center being detected positive for Covid – 19 foreign crew disembarkation will be temporarily banned from the 5th of July 2020 until further notice.
Moving forward only bulk crew changes (Disembarking / embarking directly between vessel and chartered flight) and repatriation of Sri Lankan Seafarers will be allowed

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


  • Crew Changes are allowed (crew has to prove that they will be able to travel & leave EU).
  • Port Authority is demanding all vessels to send Health Declaration.
  • Some flights are banned to land in The Netherlands.
  • All EU borders are closed for next 30 days to non-EU citizens / residents as per latest decision from EU 18/03/2020.
  • Spare Parts / Stores / Supplies available.
  • CTM can be delivered.

For more information contact: / +31 10 313 0400


  • As per latest info from authorities that Turkish Airlines’ flights can be opened on 28.05.2020 for following cities:
    • Toronto, Almathy, Kabil, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna,  Amsterdam, Brussels, Minsk, Tbilisi, Beirut, Kuwait, Tel-Aviv.
  • Curfew will continue till 19/2400 hrs lt for following 31 cities. There is no restriction for berthing/unberthing/loading/unloading operations at ports and strait passages during curfew period:
    • Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bursa, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Hatay, İstanbul, İzmir, Kahramanmaraş, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Malatya, Manisa, Mardin, Mersin, Muğla, Ordu, Sakarya, Samsun, Şanlıurfa, Tekirdağ, Trabzon, Van, Zonguldak.
  • All entry into and exit from Turkey’s 15 cities has been banned except for necessities such as food, medicine, cleaning supplies and certain logistics vehicles, and transit traffic with permission till 19.05.2020 at 24:00 hrs lt.  There is no restriction for berthing / unberthing / loading / unloading operations at ports and strait passages during this period:
    •  Ankara, Balıkesir, Bursa, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, İstanbul, İzmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Sakarya, Samsun, Van, Zonguldak.
  • There is currently no restriction for berthing / unberthing / loading / unloading operations (except for the ships bound to shipyards)  provided vessel is cleared of COVID-19 inspection  by sanitary officials who shall first inspect the vessel at anchorage area on arrival  to grant berthing permission if a vessel coming from infected country.
  • Foreign crew embarkation and disembarkation are not permitted.
  • New regulation in respect of compulsory disinfection related to COVID-19  has come into force as of 04.04.2020 wherefore all vessels calling at Turkish ports  must be disinfected by fully authorized companies appointed by port authority  as soon as they are at berth or at anchorage area . Disinfection charge may change from port to port.
  • According to the latest info from authorities regulating vessels passage through Istanbul Strait ( namely VTS ) , the intervals between each vessel entering to the strait shall be 20 minutes instead of  10 minutes as precautionary measures against COVID-19. Regulation, rules and instructions remain unchanged for the passages through Çanakkale Strait. But Pilotage service could be delayed time to time due to reduce of pilot number

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


22-June > Latest news

  • Crew change is strictly prohibited for vessels arriving from outside the United Arab Emirates.
  • All types of entry visa issuance have been temporarily suspended.
  • All off shore attendance from international visitors (eg: superintendents) temporarily suspended, specific rules for each port are listed below for vessel visitation from local visitors.
  • All crew members on board should wear PPE, face masks and gloves while on board within port limits.
  • The Agent should submit the documentation and certificates on the health condition of the crew (issued from the port of loading) prior to the vessel’s entry into the port.
  • The Vessel Master should submit the health declaration form prior to the arrival (72 hours prior to vessel arrival).

For more information contact: / +357 9765 5130


For New Orleans, Houston and Freeport:

  • Crew change can be performed subject to USCBP (United state custom and border protection), approval. He will embark and will inspect and then he will confirm if it can be performed.
  • Off signers are permitted to disembark; however, confirmed flight arrangements direct to foreign would be required, written letter with reason for disembarking also will be needed and personal details in order to approach USCBP, departure flight must be before vessel’s ETD.
  • For joiners please refer to –CLP Bulletin– which was extended to include the UK and Ireland on 15-March.  Basis this guidance, ONLY those holding C-1/D US Visa as crewman are permitted travel

Full U.S. Coast Guard statement: Marine Safety Information Bulletin

For more information contact: / +507 6397-2539


With effect from 8th June 2020 the UK will impose a mandatory 14 day self quarantine for any travelers arriving into the UK.  This rule applies to all incoming travelers including British citizens.   There is however, a long list of exemptions to this rule.

  • Ships crews and Masters, overcarried pilots, ship inspectors and surveyors will be granted an exemption from the mandatory 14 day quarantine.
  • ALL incoming travelers including crew etc above will still need to complete a health declaration on arrival into the UK and also provide some monitoring data.
  • Crew will be required to complete a form that will include the reason they are traveling (ships crew joining a ship in the UK), they will also need to provide a contact number (their mobile or the ships number) and lastly the address where they will be staying (the full address of the port/terminal where they are joining the ship).
  • Declaration Form:
    • The form is an online document via the web portal and this has to be completed by the traveler BEFORE they arrive in the UK.
    • ALL travelers to the UK MUST complete this form before they travel – you can NOT submit this form until 48 hours prior to your arrival in the UK.
    • Unfortunately it is a little complicated with multiple steps requiring information to be completed.
    • It can NOT be downloaded and manually completed – each traveler MUST complete it (following every step) and submitting it to the portal by clicking submit once it is complete.
    • The form is in English – any crew member struggling with English will need assistance from someone to complete it.
    • It does appear to allow a 3rd party to complete the form – it will ask why you are completing it on their behalf (clearly aimed at people with children) however this could be completed by a relative or colleague if the crew member has poor understanding of English or does not have access to technology.
    • On arrival at the UK border you will be required to present this completed and approved form either printed or on a mobile device to the Immigration Officer at the border control.
  • Crew will also need a letter from the ship owner / manager confirming their status as seafarers joining a ship in the UK and confirmation that they are classified as a ‘key worker’.  This letter should be carried by them in case they are stopped by the authorities whilst in transit from the airport to the ship.  If they need hotel accommodation we would need a copy of this letter ‘in advance’ of their arrival so we can make the appropriate room booking – hotels in the UK are closed to the general public so we need this supporting letter to secure the room booking.
  • ALL incoming crew are still required to have the appropriate seamans book and visa where required upon arrival into the UK.
  • We would also suggest that any offsigning crew also carry the letter confirming their status should they be stopped on their journey to the airport.  Likewise the letter would be needed for any hotel stay if required.

UK Government website.


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