Covid-19 – Shipping Update Shipping requirements & restrictions at Australian ports; plus international policies

July 14, 2020 Maritime Safety News

Important: please read the Federal Restrictions first and then read whichever set of State or Territory Restrictions that you are interested in as if they were one set of rules. It is meaningless to read either the Federal or the State/Territory rules in isolation from the other. So, if you are interested in say, Queensland, first read the Federal Restrictions and then make sure you read the Queensland Restrictions too.

NOTE: readers should also note that port authorities, port operators and even individual terminals may also have their own restrictions that apply in addition to the Federal and State / Territory Restrictions.

Page last updated: 10 July 2020

  • Website last updated 10 July 2020: see “International Policies”

Earlier this week (from 07 July 2020) – an extensive outbreak of COVID-19 in the Australian state of Victoria has caused the authorities to impose a wide range of restrictions. Commercial mariners from overseas, or any other non-Australia resident maritime-industry participant should note the following non-exhaustive list of restrictions:

  • the city of Melbourne (and part of the state outside the city) is in extreme lock down for six weeks – persons are not allowed out of their residences except for certain essential reasons
  • workers in Melbourne must work from home if possible
  • roadblocks have been set up international flights have been re-directed away from Melbourne
  • Police checks are being carried on drivers
  • the border between Victoria and the state of New South Wales has been completely closed (bar certain exemptions for e.g. freight truck drivers; a permitting/ticketing system applies)
  • the border between Tasmania and Victoria has been closed
  • the border between Victoria and Queensland is about to be completely closed (bar certain exemptions for e.g. freight truck drivers)
  • the border between South Australia and Victoria is closed
  • the border between the Northern Territory and Victoria is closed
  • a cap has been put on the numbers of people who can fly into Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria
  • Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is proposing to reduce the number of people who can fly into Australia (note: the national border is already shut, however, certain categories of people are nonetheless allowed into Australia) 

The situation is very fluid and is correct as of 10:00 am 08 July 2020. Further changes may occur overnight and / or in the next few days.

Sources: Australian Broadcasting Corporation; State & Territory Governments; Maritime Safety Queensland


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