Cyber Security Conference for the Maritime, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors


There is no future without development, and this is not achieved without a digital environment and integrated technologies. In this scope there are no borders between countries or between the public and private sectors neither between the various economic and industrial activities. There is only customized knowledge, communication, interaction, progress and evolution. As a consequence, there is a challenge concerning security and risk reduction in the operation and maintenance process.

​Cyberattacks in 2018 are ranked among the top three threats facing the world, according to the World Economic Forum.

​Cyber security should be seen as an integral part of overall management against the increasing trend of threats both in scope and complexity.

Maritime sector

Cyber security is now a priority in the shipping sector, as it is an interesting yet sensitive target for cyber attacks.
It is proven that 90% of global trade is transported by merchant ships, increasingly dependent on digital and operational technology, coupled with the vast network of service providers, while port management also plays a central role in the supply chain of the globalized market and real impact in the daily lives of most of the world’s population.

Oil & Gas sector

Cybersecurity is a top priority for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream functions in the Oil & Gas industry.
From wells to terminals & fuel stations, throughout the full value chain, a huge attack surface is created which could lead to economic or life losses up to very serious environmental incidents.

Energy sector

Cyber Security in the energy sector is a major concern. From conventional or renewable production, transportation, storage and distribution, energy is inarguably one of the most critical assets in modern society. It is all about its stability and prosperity.

Our effort is to include the following Key Topics for discussion:

  • EU CyberSecurity strategy
  • CyberSecurity regulations & standards
  • Cyber strategy assessments
  • CyberSecurity information sharing & collaboration
  • CyberSecurity awareness, training, exercising, guidance
  • Cyber risk and threat identification and assessment
  • CyberSecurity, business intelligence, and data analytics
  • CyberSecurity implications for IT-OT, Scada/ICS, Big Data
  • Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things
  • CyberSecurity and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • CyberSecurity and blockchain
  • CyberSecurity and the human factor

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