HHI Seeking to Lead Eco-friendly Vessel Market

September 1, 2022 Maritime Safety News

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group (HHI Group) is speeding up the development of eco-friendly technologies ranging from ship fuel supply systems to auxiliary propulsion systems. With the International Maritime Organization (IMO) toughening environmental regulations in line with the global trend of carbon reduction, HHI is seeking to lead the global eco-friendly ship market by securing of eco-friendly technologies.

HHI obtained design approval of Hi-Rotor, a rotor sail of its own development, from the Korean Register (KR) on Aug. 26. A rotor sail is a wind power auxiliary propulsion device. The cylindrical structure is installed on the deck of a ship. It uses wind to generate additional propulsion, thus reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. A rotor sail helps a ship save its fuel by 6 to 8 percent compared to other ships.

HHI plans to conduct a Hi-Rotor demonstration on land in the second half of this year, and seek orders for the product.

In June, HHI Group developed a fuel supply system that can reduce LNG carriers’ fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) and HHI developed Hi-eGAS, a next-generation LNG fuel supply system, and received a basic design certification on it from Norwegian and British ship classification organizations. This system recycles the heat discarded during LNG carriers’ fuel supply process. It can prune fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 1.5 percent, respectively, compared to other systems.

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