Japan Club Report on P&I Condition Surveys 2019

May 19, 2020 Maritime Safety News

Japan P&I Club’s annual report on its condition surveys in 2019 found a large number of ships with deficiencies, but few with “defects warranties”, the most serious type of failure.

Japan Club conducts condition surveys through independent surveyors for both post and pre-entry vessels that have reached a certain age, in order to maintain the standards of the entered vessels.

“Due to the mutuality principle of P&I insurance, whereby the premiums entrusted to us by Members shall be used to compensate for loss or damage in the event of an accident, it is necessary to ensure that each Member has and is maintaining a certain standard of ships quality and management to assess the vessel’s potential risks, which could lead to P&I claims”, Japan Club said.

The condition surveys questionnaire includes not only the physical condition of the vessel but also the standard of operating manuals and the ship safety management system.

There were 118 vessels surveyed in 2019 policy year. Only 13 vessels had no deficiencies, while 99 were “with a deficiency”. A further six vessels had a serious deficiency.

Whenever there was a defect found, the club asked for an immediate and permanent repair to be conducted in order to prevent accidents. A “Defects Warranty” warns that there is a possibility of restriction of cover. A Defects Warranty is issued for deficiencies that are likely to lead to a serious accident.

Some of the defects warranties issued included:.

General cargo, dry-bulk or wood-chip carrier vessels

  • Failing the ultrasonic test for cargo hatch covers
  • Hatch cover cleats heavily corroded or stuck

Other vessels (common defects)

  • Oil leakage from several machine units in engine rooms
  • Signs of smoke leaking from the exhaust manifolds of an auxiliary engine.
  • A mooring rope (headline) in use was in poor condition with broken strands

The most common defects are associated with (i) hatch covers and (ii) machinery and equipment in the engine room. These trends have been unchanged since 2017 policy year.

Source: https://insurancemarinenews.com/insurance-marine-news/japan-club-report-on-pi-condition-surveys-2019/


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