Kelowna cybersecurity experts warn when cyberattacks increase-Okanagan


As much of our lives go online, experts warn people and businesses to pay particular attention to data breaches. In particular, the number of cyber attacks that increase the number of people working at home is increasing.

October is Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month.

Tillman Hodgson, president of Kelowna-based data security company Seeking Fire Consulting, said:

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“Even companies that have implemented robust security frameworks may not have taken into account most of their home-based employees,” he said.

Hodgson recommends keeping your device up-to-date with the latest security patches and using unique accounts and passwords.

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According to a recent BC Chamber of Commerce survey, more than 60% of companies have experienced cyber breaches, but only three-quarters have reported them.

“When we think of cyber breaches, the typical impact we see is the impact on business productions that have been knocked out for some time,” he said.

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“But there is also an impact on reputation, so there is an incentive to do things internally,” Hodgson said. “But in the long run, it really affects everyone.”

Hodgson suggested that businesses should spend about 4% of their revenue on security and privacy initiatives.

He said companies need to scrutinize how employees share data and make sure the data is safe.