Kongsberg and China Merchants Industry to develop sustainable solutions for shipowners

October 27, 2021 Maritime Safety News

Norwegian maritime technology group Kongsberg Maritime (KM) and China Merchants Industry (CMI) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work on sustainable solutions for the shipping industry.

As outlined in the new agreement, KM and CMI intend to collaborate more closely on the design and fit-out of specific vessel types to provide shipowners with the most competitive, attractive and environmentally responsible long-term investments on the market.

Courtesy of Kongsberg Maritime

Both companies are united in the goal of simultaneously increasing overall energy efficiency while reducing emissions.

KM is spearheading the transition towards clean marine propulsion solutions which will help the Chinese shipping industry to meet the IMO 2050 emission targets, as well as facilitating the country’s objective of achieving a carbon-neutral economy by 2060.

“Working in such close collaboration will speed processes such as partnership negotiations, bring clarity and focus to joint development projects and simplify the procedures by which integrated solutions are devised and put into practice, helping to provide shipowners with better solutions,” Wu Sichuan, Deputy General Manager, China Merchants Industry commented.

The sectors defined by both companies as areas of common interest are cargo vessels such as container feeders or chemical tankers, mid-sized cruise and passenger vessels, large natural gas carriers (LNGC), fuel gas supply systems (FGSS), offshore wind and aquaculture offshore installations.

Detailed discussions within KM, CMI and China Merchants Hoi Tung to further pursue strategic partnerships have already begun with regard to a number of specialist fields.

“The MoU formalises a hugely beneficial business alliance which has existed for years between CMI and ourselves; the fact that we’re taking this affiliation to the next level is a great means of ensuring our long-term commitment to the Chinese shipbuilding industry,”  Martin Wernli, SVP and Country Manager Greater China, Kongsberg Maritime added.

KM and CMI will together establish a regular exchange and interaction mechanism with China Merchants Hoi Tung to facilitate the strategic partnership.



Kongsberg and CMI to develop sustainable solutions for shipowners