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November 2, 2020 Maritime Safety News

LabTest is the industry leader in assisting manufacturers in acquiring approvals for marine products.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the knowledge and assessments you need to get your marine products approved for your intended market.

Our extensive network and experience in the marine industry offers our clients easy access to CE Marking, Classification Agency Type Approval, and the Wheel Mark for the Marine Equipment Directive.

At LabTest, we favor a single test plan.

This proven approach provides you with a One-Stop-Solution for your product approvals. For your next marine equipment approval, let us assist you with the approval process.

We can make it an easy, efficient, and affordable experience.

LabTest is a recognized Testing Laboratory for the Recreational Craft Directive by IMCI for the following ISO standards: 8846, 8847, 8848, 8849, 9097, 10133, 10239, 10240, 10592, 11105, 11192, 12216, 13297, 13929, 14895, 15083 & 29775

Type Approvals

LabTest’s approach to Type Approval is with a Single Test Plan, thereby reducing your time to market and your testing costs. With our established network of classification agencies, we can help you get your desired classification (Type Approval). Here is a list of Classification Agencies we work with:

Wheel Mark

Products within the scope of the Marine Equipment Directive (96/98/EC) shall apply as equipment for use on board ships:

(a) a new Community ship whether or not the ship is situated within the Community at the time of construction;marine product testing wheel mark

(b) an existing Community ship
— where such equipment was not previously carried on board
— where equipment which was previously carried on board the ship is replaced, except where international conventions permit otherwise, whether or not the ship is situated within the Community when the equipment is placed on board.

Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard

LabTest evaluates products in accordance to CSA Standards and TP Specifications, as required by the Canadian Coast Guard.Canadian Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard

LabTest evaluates products in accordance to the ABYC Standards and the CFR Specifications, as required by the US Coast Guard.US Coast Guard

Recreational Craft Directive

LabTest evaluates products in accordance to the standards published in the Official Journal of the European Union, as per the Recreational Craft Directive. LabTest is listed as a Recognized Testing Facility by the International Marine Certification Institute for the Recreational Craft Directive.

Source: labtestcert


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