Maritime Coronavirus Contingency Plan IN WORD

March 5, 2020 GENERAL

Maritime Coronavirus Contingency Plan IN WORD FORMAT ONLY EURO 600

Where exactly the virus that causes COVID-19 came from is still something of a mystery.

Experts believe that it jumped from an animal to people in the market in Wuhan, China where
the outbreak began. Now that the virus has spread to humans, however, scientists are racing
to identify all the other ways that people can—and cannot—catch it.

Shipping industry is already affected by the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus which has
dented market sentiment and spooked markets around the globe. Following the directions of
WHO we consider essential the issuance of a contingency plan providing guidance and
precautions to minimize risks of infection from the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) to
seafarers, passengers and all people onboard as well as instructions in case of emergency.

The plan developed in accordance with IMO circular letter but mainly with WHO guidelines to
this matter. Contents of this plan are detailed information and instructions, emergency
actions, risk assessment to mitigate and control the potential risks as well as smart safety
posters for crew comprehensive.

Our company’s vision is to ensure compliance with international regulations and marine
necessities. But mainly to integrate client’s specific requirements and demands ensuring
preparedness and safe handling of this diligence matter of covid-19 by involving shipping

Maritime Coronavirus Contingency Plan !

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Please send us via email your company’s details to issue our Proforma Invoice, then you can pay the value of our Plan which is only EURO 600, via wire bank transfer or Paypal and major credit cards .

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A secured download link will be send to your email, you can download the plan in WORD editable format !

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Of course not ! The plan is in word format meaning you can buy once and use same for all vessels of your fleet !

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