MIT-Panama to integrate TradeLens with Tideworks TOS solution

August 13, 2020 Maritime Safety News

SSA Marine’s Manzanillo International Terminal – Panama (MIT-Panama) is to integrate supply chain management platform TradeLens with Tideworks terminal operating system (TOS).

MIT-Panama, located at the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, is the first terminal in the Americas to integrate two technologies enhancing digital business experience in the maritime industry through TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform created by Maersk and IBM which has been integrated into Tideworks Technology (Tideworks), a provider of TOS solutions.

The implementation of TradeLens at MIT-Panama carried out with Tideworks latest development for TOS, Mainsail 10, will increase the terminal operator’s ability to access crucial information and automate administrative processes.

Tideworks is the first TOS provider to be combined with the TradeLens platform, thanks to collaboration with Maersk and SSA Marine. This results in the inclusion of all the actors in the supply chain in the same interface.

TradeLens was developed to provide a more secure and efficient supply chain management platform, as well as greater transparency and traceability of events. The integration with the TOS will facilitate the collaboration of the terminal operator with clients, authorities and other stakeholders.

MIT-Panama is the first port terminal to benefit from the combined capabilities of Mainsail 10 and TradeLens for blockchain solutions. From now on, MIT-Panama will be able to visualise key operational events and manage container and supply chain logistics through the TradeLens platform.

“We are excited to strengthen the value of our services by providing our customers with access to the latest digital tools and supply chain management technology,” said Stacy Hatfield, general manager of MIT.

“At MIT, we understand that the success of technology initiatives like TradeLens depends on the collaboration and participation of all actors in the supply chain. Offering Tideworks ́ TOS solutions conjunction with the TradeLens ́ platform uniquely positions our clients and strategic partners to adapt and securely scale operations in an increasingly competitive supply chain industry.”

Source: turkishmaritime


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