New Record: Largest Container Ship Built EVER ALOT (24,004 Teu)

July 23, 2022 Maritime Safety News

On June 22, China’s CSSC Group formally handed over the EVER ALOT megamax container ship to Evergreen. The new ship is the first of nine conventionally powered units that sister shipyards from Hudong-Zhonghua and Jiangnan (Group) Shipyard will build for the Taiwanese aircraft carrier, according to Alphaliner.

With a nominal container inflow of 24,004 teu, the new EVER ALOT and her next siblings will be the largest container ships in the world and the first to break the “magic” barrier of 24,000 teu, reports Alphaliner.

They represent what Alphaliner calls the ‘megamax-24’ or ‘MGX-24’ type: a vessel that is 24 container bays long (approx. 400m), 24 container bays wide (approx 61.50m) and carries around 24,000 teu when fully loaded.

Just twelve teu in nominal consumption terms has put the new CSSC series ahead of the current record holders, which also trade for Evergreen. From July 2021 to May 2022, the carrier received six 23,992 teu megamaxes from Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea, informs Alphaliner.

Furthermore, the new EVER ALOT and her sisters are 399.90 m long and 61.50 m (24 rows) wide. The scrubber-equipped boats are powered by a WinGD-11X92B main engine that is rated at 58,600 kW and drives the boats at speeds up to 22.5 knots. Six generator sets provide up to 22,100 kW of electricity for up to 1,500 reefer containers. Ships of this class were designed in-house by Hudong-Zhonghua.

Alphaliner reports thet Evergreen’s new vessel will begin its career on the airline’s Asia-Europe ‘CEM’ service, also known as the OCEAN Alliance loop ‘NEU6’. This Evergreen-operated loop currently deploys Evergreen’s six ‘A-class’ Samsung-built 23,992-teu ships, as well as seven Imabari-built ‘G-class’ 20,000+ teu ‘megamax-23’ class ships. The latter will be successively replaced by China’s largest ships.

Lastly, Evergreen initially ordered the first four megamaxes from CSSC in September 2019 and increased the tally to six ships in June 2021 and nine in March 2022.

Source: Alphaliner & CSSC