Riviera Maritime | Cyber-security – a tangible threat for the tanker sector


Riviera Media features a discussion on cyber threats and security for the tanker sector of the maritime industry by Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner at Ince. “The lack of adequate protection is particularly prevalent in relation to cyber-attacks on on-shore and on-vessel operations technology (OT) networks and control systems, as just 42% of organisations protect their vessels from OT cyber threats.”

Clark covers the current state of the industry, insurance considerations, potential consequences, including legal, and the ongoing efforts to achieve compliance and security.

“Tanker operators and managers are not sufficiently protected by being compliant with the new regulation – this is a ‘level-one solution to a level-four threat’ – accordingly, a tick box approach to compliance is far from sufficient.”

Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner at Ince

Source: missionsecure