Russian fishing vessel AMUR collided with Japanese boat, rescued crew but 3 died

June 1, 2021 Maritime Safety News

Russian fishing vessel AMUR collided with Japanese fishing boat some 15 nm north of Mombetsu, northern Hokkaido, Japan sea, at around 0600 Tokyo time May 26. Boat capsized, 5 fishermen on board were picked up by AMUR, but 3 of them later died. AMUR after collision sailed to Mombetsu port, docking there several hours later, and as of 1400 Tokyo time, she remained berthed.
According to Japanese fishermen, their boat was engaged in catching crab and couldn’t maneuver, Russian ship was on her way and struck the boat. According to Russian Captain, AMUR collided with boat, because failed to spot it in a dense fog, and also, because such boats shouldn’t go fishing that far from coast.

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