Schottel propulsion for FinFerries’ hybrid-electric ferry

November 15, 2021 Maritime Safety News

German propulsion system manufacturer Schottel has been contracted to supply azimuth thrusters for hybrid-electric ferry Altera owned by Finnish ferry operator FinFerries.

As informed, the propulsion system of the eco-friendly ferry will consist of two electrically driven Schottel EcoPellers type SRE 430 (950 kW each). The SRE features a propeller diameter of 2.35 meters. The azimuth thrusters are ice-strengthened according to Finnish-Swedish Ice Class 1B. Thanks to this, the ferry can be deployed in the icy waters of Southwest Finland at any time of the year.

Equipped with a battery capacity of 2 x 0.6 MWh, Altera will service its route using only its own batteries which are charged directly from shore while loading and unloading. Diesel generator sets will serve as a backup source of power, according to the company.

Altera measures 100 metres in length and 17 metres in width and provides space for up to 90 cars and a maximum of 375 passengers.

The electrically powered hybrid ferry, which is scheduled to enter operation in 2023, is currently under construction at the Polish shipyard Crist. Altera will be able to sail solely on battery power charging its batteries with renewable electricity.

“Altera means proud, excellent, which is well suited as we are proud of this technology and are thrilled to welcome another eco-friendly electrically powered ferry to Finland. By supplying efficient and sustainable EcoPellers, SCHOTTEL makes a significant contribution on our path towards a greener future,” Mats Rosin, CEO of FinFerries commented.