1. Save time. The reason most people start looking for a virtual assistant is because they are simply too busy, and they know a virtual assistant can save them time.  By offloading your routine, time-consuming tasks, a virtual assistant can literally add hours to your day to explore new business opportunities. Time is our most valuable resource, and the one we end up wasting more often than anything else.

2. Save money. Virtual assistants can save you money in a couple ways.  First, if you are considering hiring an in-house employee, a virtual assistant is a much cheaper alternative.  They can also help save money in the tasks they perform, whether it be researching online deals or improving the return on investment of your business’s marketing efforts.

3. Save headache. To many customers, a virtual assistant is peace of mind. When you use a virtual assistant company, you don’t have to worry about things like payroll processing, employment taxes, fair hiring and firing regulations, providing equipment and office space, and other stress-inducing problems.


We offer Virtual Assistants specialised with tasks related with Maritime industry and purchasing department.

Tasks can be completed – not limited to :

  • Receive Requisitions from vessels and submit to Vendors for quotation,
  • Follow up OPEN requisitions, receive quotations and export comparison tables for your approval,
  • Follow up ORDERS with vendors and advise vessel(s) on time,
  • We always act like internal empoloyees of your company,
  • Follow up status of SPARE PARTS and delivery to the LOGISTIC company,
  • Validate INVOICES from vendors against ORDERS and DELIVERY advise by vessel(s

SHIP IP LTD monitor Virtual Assistants and report weekly to owners with hours worked using  screen monitoring software.

Owners charged for hours worked only not like inhouse employess where Owner pays idle hours like coffee breaks, phone calls not related with job or other .

Hours we charge are at least 30% more than hours worked from inhouse employess for equivalent tasks, meaning that every hour we work is at least 1 hour and 30 minutes of pure work of your employees.

We offer three (3) charging options per table below :



Simple Procedure upon agreement :

  • Agree time zone
  • You meet your dedicated Virtual Assistant ( Skype )
  • We agree remote access technique ( Teamviewer , VPN other ? )
  • Kindly note that in case you experience in house technical difficulties like limitation of access we have to be advised in advance or otherwise we have to charge the hours worked
  • Dedicated telephone numbers can be offered in case you require landline contact with our VA ( charged seperately per month starting with EURO 5 / month )
  • We offer FREE Training hours depeding the PLAN we agree – extra Training hours will be charged per agreed rate if required.


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