It is reported that this year’s No. 12 typhoon “Meihua” (strong typhoon) was located at 23.9 degrees north latitude and 124.2 degrees east longitude at 8:00 on September 12, 712 kilometers away from Ningbo. The maximum wind force in the center was 14, and the center pressure was 950 hPa , moving at a speed of 9 kilometers per hour.

According to the typhoon track forecast by the meteorological department, “Plum Blossom” is likely to land on the coast of China, and the coastal waters of Ningbo are directly affected by the typhoon.

The maritime department reminds all relevant units and ships to pay close attention to the dynamics of typhoons, and do a good job of typhoon prevention in accordance with the “Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Waterborne Typhoon Prevention in the Jurisdiction of Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration” and their respective typhoon prevention plans.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, there is a large demand for return passenger transport by water.

Ningbo maritime department has worked with relevant passenger transport companies to focus on flight adjustment and release, and strengthen passenger ship escort work through the ship traffic management center and on-site law enforcement forces to prevent passengers from being stranded.

At present, there are a total of 25 main passenger ferry routes in normal operation in Ningbo, 5 passenger routes have been suspended, and the remaining routes have also been prepared for suspension. Passenger evacuation has begun on routes such as Xiangshan Yushan and Tantoushan. It is expected that at noon on the same day All picked up.

The maritime department reminds that after entering the level III emergency response to typhoon prevention, all water-related engineering and dangerous goods operation units need to make timely adjustments to their production plans, evacuate ships and personnel according to the typhoon prevention plan, and port production departments must do a good job in production scheduling. Ensure that the key ships in berthing leave the berth in time.

At present, there are more than 1,100 sheltered ships in the port under the jurisdiction of Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration.