Two ships distressed by typhoon KOMPASU

October 19, 2021 Maritime Safety News

Two ships were distressed by the approaching typhoon KOMPASU (epicenter already in South China sea south of Taiwan, as of 0000 UTC Oct 12), in Chinese waters, on Oct 11. Service ship QI YE 6 understood to be disabled off Xiamen, 42 personnel were airlifted by helicopters to safety. As of 0300 UTC Oct 12, QI YE 6 was south of Xiamen, understood under tow and escort of two SAR ships. Heavy lift JIN WAN NV WANG dragged anchor and started to drift at anchorage off Changle Airport, Fuzhou, and reportedly, 16 crew were evacuated, though more likely, only part of the crew were evacuated. As of 0300 UTC Oct 12, the ship was some 2 nm off coast, status unclear.

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