Ugland rolls out Spectrum by Navarino

June 23, 2021 Maritime Safety News

Norwegian family-owned shipping and offshore enterprise Ugland Marine Services has confirmed a fleetwide order of Navarino’s Spectrum, following a successful 3-month trial.

Spectrum offers a centralised platform for remote monitoring, maintenance and management of the entire IT and connectivity infrastructure onboard a vessel, and provides various options to comply with cyber-risk management regulations.

Mr. Marius Kjølleberg, senior ICT security consultant at Ugland, spoke with the Navarino team about the service potential and the functionalities that Spectrum offers. He explained, “Our primary reasons for choosing Spectrum were the Windows Update functionalities and the asset management tools. When we have, let’s say, 10 client computer systems onboard, it is a much faster process to download Windows Updates through Spectrum than to individually download them on each piece of IT infrastructure, which will ultimately make our lives quite a bit easier. Not only this, but this minimises data consumption, supporting the financial goals of the company.”

For Ugland it was also important to choose a service with solid asset management capabilities to ensure compliance with the new IMO regulations. The Asset Management component supports any asset category with an emphasis on those categories that are specific to the maritime sector.

Ugland will benefit from a range of functionalities, such as defining custom asset categories, providing a flexible and complete solution. The asset categories include both equipment that is connected to the vessel’s IT network as well as to OT assets. With Spectrum, network-enabled equipment is populated automatically, providing a complete picture of equipment, software catalog and network topology. This information is available in printable reports from both the vessel’s dashboard and the centralised fleet-wide dashboard.

“We have a good open relationship with Navarino. If I need something tweaked, I can speak with the team and get the service adapted. Navarino also provides a very dynamic range of services which we definitely benefit from. For example, all of our vessels use Navarino’s most advanced Infinity solution, Infinity Cube. This also makes Spectrum so easy to install as the service can be easily deployed using Infinity, whereby no extra hardware is required,” Mr Kjølleberg explained.

“Overall, we look forward to seeing what opportunities Spectrum holds. The service has many functionalities that we haven’t yet discovered. Although Ugland already have an extensive IT department, we feel that Spectrum would be particularly beneficial for companies looking for extra support with their IT infrastructure”.