Underwater Ships Husbandry Port Authority Seminar: More than 100 decision-makers expected

September 13, 2022 Maritime Safety News

On September 12th, more than 100 high-level international decision-makers will meet at the first Underwater Ships Husbandry Port Authority Seminar in the region. Experts from underwater diving industry will meet and discuss current recommended operational guidelines and practices for diving safety while performing underwater ships husbandry.

Large number of international decision-makers expected

Leading voices from Diving industry will take the stage in Dubai, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel on the 12th of September.  Anthony Greenwood, Diving Critical Activity Specialist from ExxonMobil is set to open the seminar. Confirmed speakers presenting at the event: Kris Chambers , Global Diving Technical Authority from BP, Jord Lucas, Head of Underwater Operations / Diving & ROV Technical Authority from TotalEnergies and Managing Director at KB Associates, Darren Brunton, will be presenting along with local industry representatives.  The Underwater Ships Husbandry Port Authority Seminar will also be a platform for the regulatory authorities to hear firsthand from diving industry experts who will be taking the stage, suitable measures and best operational practices adopted across the world to safeguard divers engaged in underwater ship husbandry activities.

The number of fatalities and serious injuries suffered by divers conducting inspections and other underwater ship husbandry; risks involved and the practical dangers of shallow water diving in ports, harbors, and anchorages – will be the main topic addressed in Dubai.

On the crucial role of safety in conducting underwater ship husbandry, Mr. Phil Newsum, Executive Director of  Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) will be presenting on the topic “Diving Methods and Equipment: Their Risks – Surface Demand vs Scuba” ADCI has developed guidance document “Underwater Ship Husbandry (UWSH) for Ocean-Going Ships” This document summarizes safety considerations, recommended operational guidelines, and adequate training for the conduct of underwater ship husbandry operations. The goal of the seminar is to ensure that diving industry stakeholders are made aware of the document and that it can be easily referenced when diving operations take place.

Against the backdrop of the marine contracting industry, Bryan McGlinchy Diving Manager for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is set to attend and present on “Diver Qualifications and Team Size/Dive Platform’’.

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) will be represented by key leaders from the Diving Operators Safety Committee – including the Health, Safety, Security and Wells Director of  IOGP Olav Skar, along with numerous leading figures of other international organizations.

All told, more than 20 Technical Diving Authority representatives of major Oil and Gas producers, as well as over 100 representatives of diving services providers are expected at the conference.

Source: https://www.marasinews.com/top-news/underwater-ships-husbandry-port-authority-seminar-more-100-decision-makers-expected


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