June 8, 2020 Maritime Safety News

Two Walk to Work vessels have switched projects in what is a first for their owner.

Acta Marine’s Acta Centaurus has been working on the Borssele I,II wind farm, supporting Van Oord during the inter-array cable campaign since the end of 2019. It will now work on the Borssele III and IV Offshore Wind Farm project for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MHI Vestas).

Here, Acta Centaurus will assist MHI Vestas with the commissioning of their 77 V164 9.5 megawatt turbines through Q1-2021.

Consequently, Acta Marine’s Acta Orion has taken over the scope of Acta Centaurus to provide Van Oord with the Walk to Work services it needs.

Through careful planning and coordination, the vessels were able to change out seamlessly whilst making ActaCentaurus available for MHI Vestas’ commissioning work.

Substantial support

Acta Marine said its CTV’s have supported the Borssele OWF projects by assisting with the UXO campaign prior to construction. Starting this year, the company has been supporting the inter-array cabling with crew transfers.

The company’s DP Multicat workboats have assisted with cable trench dredging and the installation of export cables.

This year, Acta Marine’s Walk to Work vessels started assisting both the inter-array cable campaigns as well as supporting the turbine commissioning.

By Rebecca Jeffrey