November 5, 2019 CYBER SECURITY

On 12  May 2017 cyber-security hit public consciousness in a big way when Wannacry ransomware brought down the NHS as the worm-driven malware spread around the globe hitting hundreds of thousands of computers.

Then security researcher Malwaretech, AKA Marcus Hutchins, registered a domain that acted as a kill switch, making him a hero. SC Media UK was happy to give him an award for his achievement, and later when his exploits brought him to the attention of law enforcement and he was arrested in the US for teenage black-hat hacking, creating code that was used in banking malware, SC suggested that he’d done enough to deserve a pardon. Ultimately the judge in his court case took a similar view.

The story is now told in a highly watchable documentary, WANNACRY: THE MARCUS HUTCHINS STORY, on Unlocked,  the online magazine for digital culture created by Kaspersky and available on YouTube.  Well worth viewing.