September 2, 2020: Israeli carrier ZIM has announced the establishment of a new subsidiary company, ZKCyberStar, in co-operation with cybersecurity experts Konfidas.

The new company will offer a full range of cybersecurity services, tailor-made for the maritime industry, to increase cyber readiness and ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber-attack.

ZKCyberStar will provide a suite of services to support operational cybersecurity readiness, including cyber and regulatory postures, strategy and planning, cyber awareness and executive training, incident response capabilities, supply chain risk management, ongoing threat intelligence, regulatory alerts and briefs, and more.

The ZKCyberStar solution employs a unique methodology designed and developed specifically to achieve maximal readiness for and protection against a maritime cyber-attack, according to a statement.

ZKCyberStar will be led by the current ZIM global intermodal division manager, Ronen Meroz as CEO, the international cybersecurity expert and former secretary of the Prime Minister of Israel’s national cyber initiative task force, Ram Levi and the co-founder and COO of Konfidas, Eli Zilberman Caspi.

“I have decided to create ZKCyberStar to support and advise organisations in our industry, using our long-standing co-operative relationship with the top cybersecurity expert team of Konfidas,” commented Eli Glickman, ZIM president and chief executive.

Cyber-attacks have been a long-standing challenge for the industry, which has been magnified by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to ZIM, which believes that the ongoing digitalisation of the maritime industry has increased the sector’s exposure to cyber-attacks that can cause significant disruptions at great cost.

“The maritime and logistics industries have witnessed an unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks in recent years,” Levi agrees and warns, “Those attacks serve as a wake-up call for an industry which is critical to modern trade and commerce.”

Source: Container News