Zim forms cyber security consultancy to protect shipping from attacks


ZKCyberStar will provide cyber security solutions, guidance, methodology and training to the maritime industry. This comes as shipowners need to comply with changes in ship safety management systems as required through amendments to IMO’s ISM Code, which come into effect from 1 January 2021.

The company was formed in response to growing threats to shipping companies from cyber attacks, such as the attack on the Carnival group in August.

Zim, which operates a fleet of container ships, is deploying its experience and long-standing co-operation with cyber-security experts Konfidas to establish ZKCyberStar.

This will increase cyber readiness and ensure business continuity for shipping lines in the event of a cyber attack and provide cyber risk management to help shipowners protect their business from cyber events.

These are becoming more frequent in the maritime industry as owners, operators and managers adopt digitalisation on ships.

ZKCyberStar will provide services to support operational cyber-security readiness, including cyber and regulatory postures, strategy and planning, awareness and executive training.

It will provide response capabilities, supply chain risk management, ongoing threat intelligence, regulatory alerts and briefings.

ZKCyberStar will be led by Zim global intermodal division manager Ronen Meroz as chief executive, international cyber-security expert Ram Levi and Konfidas co-founder and chief operating officer Eli Zilberman Caspi.

Zim president and chief executive Eli Glickman said ZKCyberStar was formed because of the growing importance of cyber security to shipping lines. “We are uniquely positioned to tackle cyber threats in our industry,” he said. “In recent years, I was approached by global companies seeking advice regarding cyber threats.

“I decided to create ZKCyberStar to support and advise organisations in our industry using our long-standing co-operative relationship with the top cyber-security expert team of Konfidas,” said Mr Glickman.

Mr Levi said the maritime and logistics industries have witnessed an unprecedented rise in cyber attacks in recent years.

“Those attacks serve as a wake-up call for an industry that is critical to modern trade and commerce,” said Mr Levi.

“As we move towards heavily networked and increasingly automated systems, cyber security must be a top priority.”

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