90 Unifeeder vessels to adopt ZeroNorth’s technology

July 24, 2022 Maritime Safety News

The Danish logistics company Unifeeder has chosen its compatriot technology firm ZeroNorth for full suite of optimisation services.

The two parties signed a three-year agreement, which will see Unifeeder implement the full suite of services included in ZeroNorth’s platform, as well as ClearLynx’s bunker solution, as part of the company’s decarbonisation process.

The partnership is expected to give Unifeeder’s fleet full transparency over voyage planning, access to industry-leading voyage optimisation with integrated weather routing, as well as bunker, vessel, and emissions optimisation recommendations to unlock fuel efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, and improve earnings, according to a statement.

Jesper Bo Hansen, chief revenue officer of ZeroNorth

It is important to note that in the first phase, 90 of Unifeeder’s vessels will adopt ZeroNorth’s technology, with the Aarhus-based shipping company being able to scale up the number of vessels easily at any point, according to Jesper Bo Hansen, chief revenue officer of ZeroNorth.

“ZeroNorth offers cloud-based software solutions in one platform that helps owners and operators to optimise voyages, vessels, bunker and emissions. Unifeeder will utilise the platform starting with 90 vessels. Nothing needs to be installed on the vessels as ZeroNorth’s platform is easily accessible online,” explained Jesper Bo Hansen at Container News.

The partnership is another move of ZeroNorth into the container market.

“In Unifeeder, we are gaining a partner that understands the urgency of the climate emergency and our mission to make global trade green, as well as the role that digital solutions can play to reduce the environmental impact of maritime operations whilst improving earnings,” said Jesper Bo Hansen.

Martin Gaard Christiansen, chief commercial officer at Unifeeder, commented, “We recognise that it is a key strategic priority to be able to connect vessel, voyage, and bunker processes to maximise our fuel efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions. Adopting digital technologies that will help us to advance our green agenda is a crucial step in our commitment to contribute to the reduction of emissions on a local and global scale.”

He went on to point out that Unifeeder’s green agenda includes efficiency targets and limiting bunker consumption to reduce the company’s overall emission levels by 50% per container by 2040.

“After extensive market research, we found that ZeroNorth is ahead of others with regards to their sustainability features, especially CII analytics. By offering all operations optimisations in one platform, on a global, 24/7 basis and with full transparency over voyage planning, ZeroNorth is the right partner to support the progress of our sustainable shipping strategy, help improve earnings, reduce emissions, and drive success for our company in the future,” concluded Martin Gaard Christiansen.

Source: https://container-news.com/90-unifeeder-vessels-to-adopt-zeronorths-technology/