Container ship Captain missing during voyage, Mediterranean

July 24, 2022 Maritime Safety News

Container ship ALGECIRAS EXPRESS reported missing Captain in Jul 3 in Mediterranean being halfway between Malta and Panteleria islands, while en route from Istanbul to Tanger-Med with ETA Jul 6. The ship started SAR, which lasted from morning Jul 3 until morning Jul 5, with understood, involvement of SAR and CG of coastal states. The ship arrived at Algeciras on Jul 7, she was thoroughly searched by police, all crew were interrogated, but Captain’s disappearance remained a mystery. ALGECIRAS EXPRESS was allowed to leave Algeciras on Jul 12, after arrival of new Captain. ALGECIRAS EXPRESS arrived at Tanger-Med same day, left on Jul 13, next port of call unknown, as of 1320 UTC the ship is adrift in Med east of Tanger-Med since morning Jul 13.
Missing Captain said to be of Filipino nationality.

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