Dubai Maritime City Authority calls on Marine Crafts and Jet Ski users to comply with the Marine Safety Instructions

September 17, 2020 Maritime Safety News

In line with the commitment towards ensuring safety of The Emirate of Dubai water users, the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) urged marine crafts and jet ski users to follow the set of marine safety guidelines, stressing the need to comply with the instructions and best practices for safe sailing, with the need to maintain a safe distance of 300 meters from the beach and well clear from facilities, amenities, construction sites, and projects located in Dubai’s waters and shores. The call to safety falls in line with DMCA’s efforts to increase public awareness regarding best ways to enhance marine safety and achieve the highest levels of safe navigation, while strengthening Dubai’s global leading position as a safe and ideal destination for marine leisure activities.

The DMCA explained that all water users should avoid reckless behaviors and dangerous activities, reiterating the call to marine craft drivers and water sports enthusiasts to put their own safety and safety of others first, by following all preventive instructions, complying with the safe speed limits, as well as wearing life jackets, keeping a sharp look out and giving way to other marine crafts when sailing. Water users should also avoid entering restricted areas marked by special marker buoys. They should also ensure that they are not blocking entrances of navigation channels and avoid impeding the safe passage of marine crafts. All sea users shall report of any accident, incident or obstacle in Dubai waters directly with the concerned authorities.

In addition, the DMCA also reintroduced its call to preserve the marine environment and maintain its safety and cleanliness by ensuring that garbage or oils are not thrown into the water, while also reducing noise, encouraging marine crafts to monitor weather conditions before sailing and maintain an emergency contact information list. It is also not permitted for Dubai water users to enter in restricted zones or sail within the designated areas for swimming. The restrictions also include avoiding anchoring in canals and navigational passages.

DMCA re-affirmed its commitment to lay solid foundations for marine safety, as it is a top priority and a fundamental pillar to enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of Dubai’s maritime sector. The DMCA has also expressed keenness in raising public awareness about best practices that ensure the achievement of safe navigation, operational efficiency and environmental sustainability, in line with its efforts to regulate, develop and promote Dubai’s maritime cluster, aiming at building a secure, vibrant and sustainable maritime sector that supports sustainable growth and economic diversification, and strengthens Dubai’s leadership in global marine leisure industry.

Source: marasinews


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