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October 20, 2020 TMSA 3

OCIMF’s TMSA 3 has now been released with changes in element 7 regarding software management a brand new element 13 which has Cybersecurity topics to be addressed for compliance.

Element 7 – Change management

Element 7 has a section regarding software management. This includes having procedures which could include:

  • Assigned responsibilities for software management including cyber security.
  • Records of all software installed including version numbers.
  • A method to ensure that the appropriate/latest version is installed.
  • Compatibility checks to ensure integration with existing systems.
  • Instructions for installation of updates.
  • Instructions for back-up where applicable.
  • Performance tests following software upgrades .
  • Training requirements

SOFTimpact can assist your company with reviewing existing procedures or creation of procedures on all of the above as well as recommending technologies which can be used to carry out reporting on software and versions installed across your fleet.

Element 13 – Cybersecurity

The newly introduced element 13 on security has a few sections on Cybersecurity for both vessels and onshore. This includes ensuring proper policies and procedures are in place, alongside guidance and mitigation techniques against Cyber attack.

Our Risk assessments allow your company to get a complete overview of risks faced and recommendations on how to migrate these with technology, education and implementation of correct policies & procedures

The second part focuses on Cybersecurity awareness and encouraging responsible behavior by both vessel and shore based personnel and any third parties.

SOFTimpact provides Maritime focused Cybersecurity training for both End Users Decision makers.


CYBERimpact as a product line of SOFTimpact specializing in Maritime Cybersecurity, helps Maritime companies address the Cyber Threat.

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