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Coastal surveillance and maritime security systems require the integration and presentation of information from many different sources, including primary radar, AIS and CCTV. SPx software provides high-performance software components for system integrators to build integrated radar and video display solutions. With its “modules of expertise” approach, the SPx software simplifies the addition of radar and camera display into new or existing applications.

Cambridge Pixel supplies sensor processing products and expertise to prime system integrators working in the field of air surveillance and defence (including Cobham, Tellumat and DSE). With full British Standards audited ISO-9001 quality approvals, Cambridge Pixel understands the importance of providing full life-cycle support from pre-sales engineering for system design through to obsolescence management.

The SPx software supports the capture of radar video from major radar manufacturers including Kelvin Hughes, Terma, Navico (Simrad), Raytheon, Sperry, JRC and Furuno. An HPx radar input card may be used to interface to analogue radar video, trigger and turning data or, where network radar video is available (for example in ASTERIX format), this can often be input directly into the SPx software framework.

The capabilities of the SPx software are available to system developers in the form of software libraries and complete ready-to-run applications. In a typical system, the SPx Server application provides tracking from radar video and those tracks may then may be output into the client application and may be fused with AIS data by the SPx Fusion Server software. The client application may be one of Cambridge Pixel’s ready-made display applications, such as RadarWatch, or it could be a custom application written using the SPx library to provide core radar display capabilities.

Cambridge Pixel’s turnkey display applications offer a fast, cost-effective solution to receipt and display of sensor data, supporting: multiple radar videos, with underlay maps or electronic charts, AIS/ADS-B targets, radar tracks and video from multiple camera sources. Camera steering control (including slew-to-cue) is also supported by a number of display applications including RadarWatch, VSD and RadarView.

Cambridge Pixel’s software modules are already being used in numerous diverse coastal surveillance and maritime security projects worldwide, from protection of offshore oil and gas facilities, to monitoring safety zones at firing ranges, to helping to keep bathers safe on beaches.

Some examples of where Cambridge Pixel’s products can be used are outlined below:

Asset Protection
Protection of high value waterside and offshore assets, such as oil rigs, nuclear power stations and industrial facilities.

Critical Infrastructure
Monitoring of critical infrastructure, such as bridges, dams and wind farms.

Safety Solutions
Within maritime collision avoidance systems and safety solutions around designated marine hazards or military danger zones.

Border Protection, Search & Rescue
Border protection and search & rescue operations, detecting and locating small targets.

Traffic Monitoring
Observation and monitoring of vessel traffic in waterways, rivers, estuaries, small ports and harbours.

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