Millenia Maritime chooses Navarino’s Prodigy Ku-band service


Navarino’s new Prodigy hybrid service, which combines Intelsat FlexMaritime’s network over a 1m v100 Intellian antenna and the L-band network by Iridium Certus, has been installed on a Millenia Maritime chemical tanker in Piraeus. Six of the seven vessel fleet is now under the support of Navarino’s FX service.

Millenia has mostly been using the newly installed service for file sync applications, Infinity Mail, and smart relays, with 5 PCs from the IT side connected to the business network.

“Until now, everything has been stable. We had some opportunities to make some calls and already we see that call quality is amongst the clearest we have experienced,” said Mr Ioannis Rizos, Millenia’s IT manager.

For the crew of the Futura, Millenia offers 50 MB data PINs presently in order to grant them internet access in a controlled manner, and in the near future will introduce the Infinity time-limited data PINs which control internet usage onboard with time quotas to ensure that the vessel’s connectivity is not constantly being used for non-business purposes.

When asked about what appealed the most about Prodigy and the reason for investing into the newer parts of Navarino’s product portfolio, Mr Rizos said both cost efficiency and technology.

Prodigy provides no minimum contact durations and no early termination fees, as well as three levels of the service to suit the specific needs of each shipping company. Technology was also cited by Mr Rizos as a key driver.

Navarino’s other newest service, Spectrum – a real time, centralised, detailed listing and health monitor for a vessels’ IT and OT infrastructure & equipment, was also installed onboard. Mr Rizos said, “Spectrum is a very well-designed tool which is especially useful for when we need to show vessel inspectors the onboard OT inventory. This is a big plus of the Spectrum service as these inspections are a TMSA requirement which Spectrum allows us to comply with in a very easy to access, presentable format.”

Navarino’s account manager for Millenia Maritime, Ioannis Brougiannakis, said: “Our Prodigy service combines Intelsat’s FlexMaritime network of KU satellites with Iridium Certus, the fastest L-band network, for a new concept in connectivity . Prodigy offers connectivity as a managed service and by combining it with Infinity which acts as the ‘brain’ of the system we are able to offer Millenia an highly robust experience in terms of internet access and overall connectivity. We all know that reliable links with shore are vital in today’s industry to ensure operational efficiency, crew welfare and vessel safety. Especially now during these very difficult pandemic-affected times, crewmembers often stay onboard for many months so the need to keep in touch with their families ashore makes reliable connectivity services more important than ever.

“With Prodigy we enable our customers to configure their connectivity to their exact requirements, while at the same time we increase the value for our customers by giving them the chance to freely upgrade /downgrade between the 3 main packages we offer, namely Entry, Business and Premium without downgrade penalties.”

Source: thedigitalship


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