Press Release: Great interest in maritime cyber security


NORMA Cyber was formally opened on 1 January 2021. The centre will provide cyber security services to Norwegian shipping, and several shipowners have already become members. “We have experienced great interest from the shipping and maritime industries, and the ambition is to give Norwegian shipping an international competitive advantage as digitalisation in shipping picks up speed,” says Lars Benjamin Vold, Managing Director of NORMA Cyber.

Almost all marine operations are dependent on global networks – on the ship, in port or with the cargo, from navigation and planning to environmental and regulatory compliance. These connections can be compromised by cyber attacks, and it is necessary to detect and limit these attacks in order to avoid major consequences.

“We offer our members a framework for efficient information sharing, as well as different proactive cyber security services. In this arena, it is obvious that you are more efficient if you manage to collaborate on security issues. Norwegian shipping and the maritime industry have long traditions when it comes to cooperation and information exchange within security and contingency preparedness, and I am convinced that we will be able to continue that work within cyber security,” says Vold.

Several shipping companies and maritime companies have now joined NORMA Cyber, a joint initiative of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Mutual War Risks Insurance Association (DNK).

“In an increasingly uncertain cyber market, NORMA Cyber provides great value for the maritime sector. Wallenius Wilhelmsen is at the forefront when it comes to digitalization, so we immediately saw the advantage of becoming a member of NORMA Cyber,” says Filip Svenson, Marine Operations Management at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

“DOF supports the initiative and the joint work to establish NORMA Cyber as a centralized security service with a focus on shipping. We look forward to working closely with the NORMA Cyber team now that NORMA has become operational,” says Stig Rabben, HSEQ Manager at DOF.

NORMA Cyber is the first of its kind in the world, and the team consists of five people with broad backgrounds from defence, maritime industry and cyber security. Arne Asplem, Head of Intelligence, has extensive experience in security management and cyber security from private industry, but has also worked for several years in the National Cyber Security Center and the Armed Forces. He leads a team consisting of Øystein Brekke-Sanderud, with several years of experience from offshore and subsea, but also has an education in digital forensics. Marthe Brendefur has several years of experience from the Armed Forces, where she has, among other things, served on a frigate. She has a degree in digital forensics. Øyvind Berget, Chief Technical Officer, has several years of experience from the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Øyvind has an MsC in IT security. Lars Benjamin Vold, Managing Director, has a long career from the Armed Forces and has worked for four years with security and contingency preparedness in DNK. Lars has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. From April, the team will be further strengthened with an experienced engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in vessel systems.

“We want to further strengthen our team and the plan is to have a total of between 10 and 14 employees in the center by the end of 2021,” says Lars Vold.

NORMA Cyber has offices and an advanced operations room in Oslo, and works closely with the existing professional environment within security and contingency preparedness in DNK and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, which is located in the same building.

DNK and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s membership consists of 420 Norwegian shipping companies and operators who control a total of 3400 ships and oil rigs.

Members of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and DNK automatically qualify for membership in NORMA Cyber..

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