NI launches new cyber awareness course for seafarers


The Nautical Institute has introduced a new online course – Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers – powered by HudsonCyber. The course will help crew members identify and report cyber risks, as defined in the company’s SMS, policies and procedures.

Captain John Lloyd FNI, the Institute’s CEO commented, “Properly trained and resourced, seafarers are a line of defence stronger than all the firewalls and privileges operators can muster.”

The Institute’s course provides valuable evidence that crew members have received training to address cyber risks under new IMO requirements introduced this year. These requirements call on shipping companies to address cyber risks in their safety management systems (SMS) and their introduction has focused the minds of many on how cyber security onboard can be improved.

The Institute has devised this unique, self-paced course to answer the needs of the shipping community and to address the needs of modern seafarers. Training will cover a range of cyber risks affecting the maritime industry, showing how cyber threats can impact seafarer roles and the safety of life at sea.

The Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers course is offered in a three-hour module comprising video content, supplementary reading material and a 20 question self-test. Module 1 is now available, delivering training in baseline cyber security awareness. It is suitable for all crew members and has been developed specifically to assist shipping companies in meeting the new IMO cyber requirements.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with HudsonCyber to develop this timely short course,” added Captain Lloyd. “It will support the maritime sector as it implements the IMO regulations introduced this year and will help everyone understand why managing cyber risk is not simply a matter for the IT department, but the responsibility of everybody.”



NI launches new cyber awareness course for seafarers