PortControl Port Management Information System

October 29, 2020 POST STATE CONTROL

The quality of the digitisation is a critical success factor for ports. When done well, workflows are streamlined, staff can focus better on core tasks, and revenues are maximised. This also supports service providers and customers of the port, because a good port automation system passes those same benefits on to them.

PortControl is a complete port automation solution with modules that are configured to meet the needs of the end-users. No matter what the size of your port is, it provides immediate measurable benefits when put into operational use.

An important benefit of PortControl is its modularity. New building blocks can easily be added as needed. The modules are configured to match your way of working instead of the other way around.

No other company has the all-encompassing expertise to cover both the land side and water side of operations in a single solution. PortControl combines the latest technology with industry best practices from ports around the world to manage vessel visits, port services and resources, and automatically invoice customers.

Source: saab