Shell trials IMO 2020 compliant fuel with shipowners

May 15, 2020 IMO

Shell has carried out trials with 19 shipowners to test its new 0.5pc sulphur content marine fuel in preparation for new International Maritime Organisation (IMO) rules next year.

The shipowners took part in the trials at ports across the world. Shell will be carrying out further tests with customers at New Orleans, Rotterdam and Singapore.

The trials are being conducted in advance of the IMO’s sulphur cap, which will limit ships to burning fuels with 0.5pc sulphur content from 1 January next year, down from the current cap of 3.5pc.

The new fuel performed correctly and the switch did not require extra workload for engine crews, Shell said.

The company has tested its 0.5pc fuel on one of its own vessels — the Silver Carolyn — out of Singapore.

Last month, Shell launched a new lubricant designed to be used in conjunction with 0.5pc marine fuels in two-stroke engines.


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