SHIP IP LTD – BadRabbit Ransomware 24 OCT 2017



BadRabbit Ransomware !

A new cyber attack is affecting computer systems around Europe.

BadRabbit Ransomware

A strain of ransomware known as “Bad Rabbit” is believed to be behind the trouble, and has spread to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany.

Cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab, which is monitoring the malware, has compared it to the WannaCry and Petya attacks that caused so much chaos earlier this year.

Once a computer is infected, victims are sent to a page on the Tor browser that demands .05 Bitcoins (about $275) within around 41 hours, in exchange for the decryption of the data and access to the machine. If time expires, the ransom increases.

As always, anyone infected is discouraged from paying the ransom. For one, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the data back but importantly, refusing to pay the ransom discourages future ransomware attacks.

Although BadRabbit shows similarities to Petya, it’s still unclear who is behind the recent attack. The original Petya took down a number of government agencies and businesses earlier this year, mostly in Ukraine. Russia is a viable suspect for Petya, but all evidence tying the malware with any nation state has been circumstantial.

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