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The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a development in the navigational chart system used in naval vessels and ships.
With the use of the electronic chart system, it has become easier for a ship’s navigating crew to pinpoint locations and attain directions.

The introduction of ECDIS is the most significant change to have occurred in marine navigation in recent years, with a wide range of vessel types and sizes affected by the SOLAS ECDIS mandate.​​

This mandatory carriage of ECDIS has been put in place to help improve the safety and efficiency of marine navigation through heightened awareness and the automation of
time-consuming navigational tasks.
To meet this mandate, ships must have fitted ECDIS on board ship before the dates outlined in the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) rolling timetable.​


Very common observation during vetting by Oil Companies Inspectors in our days is that INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION IN THE SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) ON THE OPERATION OF ECDIS .

We have develop a Manual that will help you implement ECDIS requirements and be in compliance with all in force requiremets :


– Company’s Policy while using ECDIS,
– Legislations
– Mandatory ECDIS requirements
– Risk Assessments ( Method , Areas and Assessment Process )
– Training
– Familiriazation
– Use of ECDIS
– Passage Planning and Route Planning
– Maintenance
– Charts updating
– Forms
– Records


In full compliance with national and international regulations.

Approval by the Administration or a Recognised Organisation (RO) on behalf of the Administration is NOT mandatory.

We offer the manual in WORD EDITABLE FORMAT and no consultancy being offered from our end for further implementation.

ONLY EURO 500 !!


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