US Congress pushes for greener shipping

July 24, 2022 GENERAL

US Congressman Alan Lowenthal, representing the Port of Long Beach, and Congresswoman Nanette Barragán, representing the Port of Los Angeles, introduced the Clean Shipping Act, a legislation that aims to zero pollution from all ocean shipping companies in the United States.

The bill has the goal to clean up the shipping industry, which alone produces more emissions than all but five individual countries in the world.

The legislation will also protect the health of coastal communities, address environmental injustice and provide solutions to the climate crisis.

“Since my earliest days of public service on the Long Beach City Council three decades ago, I have worked to clean up the maritime industry,” Congressman Lowenthal said. “This legislation continues this effort.”

The bill calls on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to:

  • Set stricter carbon intensity standards for fuels used by ships
  • Set requirements to eliminate ship emissions within the port by 2030

“The Clean Shipping Act of 2022 is bold legislation that will make the United States a global climate leader in addressing pollution from the shipping industry and protect the health of port communities in Los Angeles and around the country,” noted Congresswoman Barragán.

“This is a big step forward for climate-smart ports and a clean energy future for every community. Proud to support this legislation as an original co-sponsor. Thank you to Congressman Lowenthal for your leadership and partnership to clean up the maritime industry and advance the greening of our ports,” she added.