October 20, 2020 Maritime Safety News

For vetting, it means a visit fitness of a ship, able to acquire accurate information on safety and quality of ships inspected.

The main purpose of an inspection Vetting, is to determine the technical suitability of all vessels proposed to be hired directly by a company to its assets and / or any other third party involved with the company in question for the transport and / or dealing in crude oil and products carried in bulk, so as to be in line with the marine safety criteria and with the Vetting policy of that particular company, the criteria approved by the Board of Directors in order to mitigate and control the possible all the risks associated with that type of activity (pollution, explosions and various accidents) and then know if a carrier, which is proposed rental, fulfills the quality and performance standards.

In this regard, the vetting activities is absolutely necessary to prevent major damage possibly resulting from the events listed above (pollution, explosions, accidents, death) that can occur under the responsibility of the company.

Oil & Bulk has a long experience in vetting inspections, while also offering a high quality coverage across the world with an accredited inspectors teams based in 5 continents and coordinated from our office in Genoa.
Our vetting department (technical, operational, accounting personnel) is available 24 hours a day and 7 days on 7 in order to give an ‘immediate response to any request.
Upon receipt of the nomination by ‘owner, our operating structure is able to respond quickly with the acceptance, while also providing real-time the name of the inspector.
Oil & Bulk has a constantly updated database with the list of the “vettare” ships in the month with its inspectors who will carry out the vetting, so keep up to date the position of the inspectors themselves.
Our technical department provides to all customers who decide to make use of vetting inspections, precise control and an assessment of each report before it is loaded in the Sire system, in order to avoid any type of error and / or inattention.
Oil & Bulk is solely responsible for the quality of the activities, monitors the personnel involved with periodic checks and is responsible for updating the same personal safety, by means of a continuing training program which ensures that the inspectors They are educated about the updates in technology and on all the rules / regulations.
Inspectors who work with us, are inspectors OCIMF Category 1, accredited to ILO / CHEM / GAS (A multiple accreditation is certainly preferable) and as well as being people morally sound, have a good knowledge of both the English language and technical terms maritime, is a very good knowledge and familiarity with international rules, codes, conventions and procedures.

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