What are the key elements of TMSA 3 (Tanker Management Self Assessment)?

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What are the key elements of TMSA 3 (Tanker Management Self Assessment)?


On the 10th of April 2017, OCIMF (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum) released TMSA 3, the latest edition of the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) programme providing Tanker companies with a means to improve and measure their safety management systems.

TMSA 3 revised and updated all twelve of the existing elements from the previous two editions and introduced a thirteenth – ‘Maritime Security.’

What are the 13 key elements of TMSA 3?

The 13 key elements of TMSA 3 are as follows:

Leadership and the safety management system

Recruitment and management of shore-based personnel

Recruitment, management, and wellbeing of vessel personnel

Vessel reliability and maintenance including critical equipment

Navigational safety

Cargo, ballast, tank cleaning, bunkering, mooring and anchoring operations

Management of change

Incident reporting, investigation, and analysis

Safety management

Environmental and energy management

Emergency preparedness and contingency planning

Measurement, analysis, and improvement

Maritime security

the newest element ‘Maritime Security‘ mainly consists of:

  • Use of Risk Assessment solution to identify and mitigate risks
  • Define and maintain a stock of equipment for vessel hardening as per BMP 4 guidelines.
  • Define Operational Security Area and monitor the number of transits of vessels as per Operation Security Reports made in the solution.
  • Circulate travel advisory and threat level data sharing to vessels using the document system.
  • Verify armed guards qualification criteria before employing them onboard vessels using our standard measurement list



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