All 25 Crew Of Motor Vessel ‘Lautan Papua Indah’ Safely Evacuated

July 24, 2022 Maritime Safety News

All 25 crew on a motor vessel survived on Tuesday evening. The vessel burst into flames in the waters off East Java’s Paiton coast in the Probolinggo District.

Slamet Prayitno, the Adjunct Commissioner and Chief of the Water Police Unit based at Probolinggo District Police said that based on the information received, crew members managed to survive. He added that they would be taken to the Indonesian Navy post in Paiton.

The motor vessel caught raging fire close to the Paiton special terminal on the route that extends from the fishing port on Mayangan Coast to the fishing ground in Aru, Timor, and the Arafura Sea.

MV Lautan Papua Indah
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Herman Yulianto, a spokesman associated with the Port Authority and the Probolinggo Harbormaster’s Office said that he made a distress call to other ships in the area to help out, after the fire incident was reported.

He informed that four tugboats — JKW Pelita 1, Banyak, Intan Megah 20, and Bomas Potenza — helped in putting out the flames and evacuating crew members.

The primary cause of the fire still remains unknown.