Progress on Golden Ray wreck, salvors respond to incidents in Europe

May 24, 2021 Maritime Safety News

Wreck removal personnel have begun cutting another section from the Golden Ray car carrier wreck in St Simons Sound, Georgia, in what is the longest-running wreck removal projects in the US. They are attempting to separate section three from the remainder of the wreck. Once separated, this section will be stowed in a drydock and transported to a facility at Mayors Point Terminal.

Collected data from fixed monitors and hydrographic surveys confirms the remaining wreck is stable, said Unified Command of the project. Responders removed 77 vehicles and 2 moveable decks from section six during weight-shedding operations.

They are using floating heavy-lift unit VB-10000 and chains for cutting and lifting operations. Once sections are removed, they are lifted on to drydock barges and towed to a recycling centre in Louisiana by tugs, including Kurt Crosby. Unified Command has deployed pollution control booms around the wreck removal project and regularly uses a flotilla of vessels to remove oil sheens within the safety area.

In the UK, the Maritime Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has contracted a salvage company to remove a fishing vessel wreck. MAIB wants Nicola Faith to be raised using a barge crane to enable investigators to examine the wreck. The MAIB has already located the wreck and gathered and analysed dive survey data from the vessel.

“We now intend to raise the vessel so that an indepth examination and stability analysis can be carried out,” said MAIB. “The operation will be undertaken when weather and tidal conditions are suitable. It will then be taken ashore to a secure location for further examination before being prepared for a stability assessment.”

Also in the UK, crew on a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel had to tackle an onboard fire. This broke out on 1994-commissioned supply tanker RFA Fort Victoria on 10 May as it was berthed in Portland, UK. Fire-fighting teams from neighbouring areas responded. When they arrived, the fire was extinguished, but medics treated four injured crew.

In the Netherlands, general cargo ship Nordersand and inland cargo vessel Bacchus collided on 11 May in the Outer Maas in the Barendrecht area of Rotterdam. Bacchus was going from Dordrecht to Barendrecht and Nordersand was sailing from Rotterdam to Moerdijk port.

Their collision caused severe damage to Bacchus and it was towed to Europort for inspection and repair. Nordersand was grounded and suffered a long starboard hull breach above the waterline. Tugs helped to refloat the damaged vessel and moved it to Rotterdam, according to Fleetmon.

In Turkey, a salvage tug responded to a bulk carrier that suffered engine failure in the Marmara Sea. Bulker Sea Hope lost manoeuvring control south of Sivri Ada island and Istanbul on 13 May. It was towed to Ahirkapi anchorage for safety.

In Greece, general cargo ship Moseldijk, with 4,250 tonnes of fertilisers on board, ran aground as it approached Stilida port. It was refloated and moved to its berth in the port with no major damage reported.


Source: rivieramm


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